June 5, 2023


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Former press officer Franின்ois Salt is no more

Former press officer Franின்ois Salt is no more

MP Pierre Arkand announced on Twitter that former press officer Franின்ois Salt had died. Relatives and colleagues describe her as a pioneer who had a passion for the artists she worked with at heart.

Released at 7:03 p.m.
Updated at 8:36 p.m.

Frederick-Xavier Duhamel

Frederick-Xavier Duhamel

“At the age of 83, my wife Dominic’s mother left us. MMe Salolt of France enthusiastically used his career as a press officer for the best artists in Quebec, ”the politician writes. “This extraordinary woman would have left us wonderful memories.”

Praise rained down on social websites.

As a press officer, Franz Saltolt has worked with some of Quebec’s best singers, including Celine Dion, Gilles Vignold, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Isabelle Powell, Claude Dubois, Diane Dufresne and Roche Voisin.

Elizabeth Roy, founder of Roy & Turner’s Press Communication Company, says: “When I started this business, France was truly the first of its kind in the world, representing all the important artists.” None of the officers of the Salolt newspaper in France. ⁇

“What made her such a beautiful model was that she was a very bright, very beautiful, very passionate, very dedicated woman, and had an unconditional affection for the artists and producers she worked with.”Me Roy.

“I’m so sad,” journalist Herbie Morrow sighs instantly. “We know she’s sick, but at the same time she’s highly regarded in the Quebec show-business landscape. Although we looked down on her, we did not see her.

“We called her Mom Stars. He truly cared for them and made sure to protect them at all times, ”he recalled.

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“I’m very sad,” Impresario and presenter Jocelito Mychad wrote on Facebook. He describes M.Me Chaloult is a friend and “pioneer in the field of press relations”.