Były prezydent Mongolii Cachiagijn Elbegdordż oskarżył Rosję, że traktuje ona swe mniejszości etniczne - Buriatów, Tuwińczyków i Kałmuków - jako "mięso armatnie". Wezwał obywateli Rosji tych narodowości, by nie brali udziału w inwazji na Ukrainę i uciekli do Mongolii.

Former Mongolian President Kachiagin Elbegdordj accused Russia of treating ethnic minorities – the Buryat, Tuvin and Kalmyk – as “cannon fodder”. He called on Russian citizens of these nationalities not to participate in the invasion of Ukraine and flee to Mongolia.

Albjordoard, who was president of Mongolia from 2009 to 2017, made the appeal in an online video.

Wearing a sash of the Ukrainian national color, the ex-president assured him that he was one of “those who love freedom and peace.”

Speaking to Vladimir Putin, he mentioned that they had met several times in the past and called on him to end the war immediately, because “Russia has been shedding tears” since its inception. I ask you to stop this senseless killing and destruction – He resumed.

He said mobilization in Russia was leading to an “ocean of suffering”. As “those who suffered the most” he mentioned “ethnic minorities living in Russia”. Buryats, tofus and calmex were used as ‘regular cannon fodder’Elbegdarej said hundreds were wounded and thousands were killed.

He stressed that Mongolia welcomes representatives of national minorities “with open arms and hearts.” Buryats and Kalmyks are Mongolian peoples, the Toffians are counted among the Turkic peoples, but all these nations are related to the Mongols by religion – Buddhism – and cultural community.

Alphabet He called those mobilized to “not shoot the Ukrainians,” whom he called “brothers and sisters.” Do not kill this country or its freedom! – He resumed. He also addressed “those fleeing from Russia.” You are escaping brutality, cruelty and possibly death. Tomorrow you will begin to liberate your country from dictatorship announced.

Mongolia, sandwiched between Russia and China, has tried to maintain friendly relations with Russia, including economic ones, since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Media: 1.2 million Russians will be mobilized. Mainly from poor areas

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