For me, Wuthering Waves is more than just an alternative to Genshin Impact – this combat system is worth giving it a chance

June 14, 2024 at 7:49 pm

Genshin Impact clone or a completely original title? The mood before the premiere of “Wuthering Waves” was different, but now we can judge it for ourselves.

Wuthering Waves It is another production that was called “Genshin Killer”, and the strong similarity to Genshin Impact caused players’ expectations to rise significantly. On A few weeks before the premiere on the official website, up to 30 million users took advantage of the pre-registration optionand crowds of people searched for similarities with an existing game Genshin Impact. Will the new center be a stepping stone for already tired players? GenshinimWill it attract entirely new fans?

Already from the first trailers, one can notice the visual similarity between these titles. Similar user interface, gacha system and fragmented gameplay that was offered at the time – these are the most common opinions that can be heard among Players who, without trying to be nice, made offensive comments Wuthering Waves cloning Genshina. However, there is also a second camp that takes a kinder approach to it, attributing any similarities mainly to the genre to which both games belong, i.e. action RPG. The creators themselves stated this within the genre They want to focus mainly on developing the combat systemwhich happens to be an aspect with common features Genshin Impact There is not much.

Wuthering Waves, Koro Game, 2024.

I’ll admit right away that I’m a loyal player Genshina It’s been over 2 years, I’ve finished most of the content and now I’m waiting for the next update, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I spend the first days after an update, happily wandering around the map, discovering new areas, and other times I just focus on the limited-time events. Hence the first offers Wuthering Waves I waited almost impatiently.

If anyone has played or is still playing Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail or Tower of Fantasy, the beginning of fun will not be something new for him. We choose the gender of the main character, which is permanently assigned to our account, and the mysterious person somehow makes us wake up in a completely strange place, with amnesia. Well, you have to adapt, and we’re very lucky to start with two girls who don’t seem particularly surprised when they find someone unconscious in the middle of nowhere – as you can guess, these are two of the few initial characters we receive for free.

First impressions of the plot turned out to be fairly average – Character issues don’t quite stick together, and a lot of the initial information that might come in handy when exploring a whole new world is optional and easy to skip over.. The game description itself doesn’t reveal much about the first hour of play, but maybe it gets better over time? The first two chapters focus on the search for meaning in the existence of the main character (i.e. us), our memories and recognition of the reality around us. Although it’s understandable to introduce the player to such a vast world, the beginning feels… boring. Only the later parts, which slowly begin to reveal the intricacies of the plot and the possible role we will play in this story, become the moment that truly shows the extent of “WuWa.” may differ from Gee.

Wuthering Waves, Koro Game, 2024.

The post-apocalyptic atmosphere is completely different from the atmosphere of a fairy tale Genshina. It’s true that the deeper we go into the forest, the more trees there are (the blurring of this graphic design has already fooled a lot of people), but still Th Wuthering Waves From the beginning we see a bleak picture of the reality surrounding us. This is also reflected in the open world – as we travel across the map we see different faces of the war that is still ongoing, or stories of the ruins of civilization. We learn that the enemies we are fighting are what are called Tassite Discords – creatures created from wave frequency disturbances, which are the basis of science. Wuthering Waves. We are dealing here with much more advanced technology than in the past Genshini, to which the game is compared. Some of the characters we have or could have connected to this technological thread are clearly shown Even for a layman, understanding the plot is not a problem at all.

Is it a copy after all or not?

The biggest difference and most unique thing about this case Wuthering Waves It turns out the combat system. In RPGs, we can expect dynamic clashes, as presented, for example Genshin whether Fantasy Tower. WW However, it reaches a whole new level when it comes to maneuvering in different styles, using characters and composing teams. Above all The Intro and Outro skills are an addition to the combat system itself, that is, the skills assigned to each character, which are called Concerto with energy charging, automatically activate when changing the hero on the field. And for each of them, these skills work completely differently, depending on their purpose – They can deal AoE damage or heal the next character that appears on the field. Another unique mechanic to Wuthering WavesStates Echo system, which allows the hero to transform into an opponent or summon a team to the battlefieldTo support us in battle. Echoes are obtained by defeating enemies in the open world, and there can be many combinations and adapt them to a specific character or team.

Wuthering Waves, Koro Game, 2024.

Here I must admit that despite spending dozens of hours with the game, I am still not sure if I have been able to experience even 10% of the possibilities that this system offers. Wuthering Waves It definitely allows you to get away from it Genshina, which has been a part of my day for a long time. A breath of fresh air and the promise of a real focus on combat and its entire system sounds promising. Will this actually be the main feature of this production? The premiere has only recently passed and updates have been planned for a long time, so it’s difficult to evaluate this title as a complete product. However, this part, which Kuro Games initially showed, looks promisingNew characters and possibilities encourage you to return to the game regularly.

Comparison is made Wuthering Waves Do Genshin Impact Does it have any meaning? Well, actually, when you look at the previously mentioned user interface, There are similarities between these titles, but the gameplay on offer on release day definitely feels different. One might be more inclined to say that the similarities mentioned are usually genre-specific, and Wuthering Waves It’s just another promising title worth giving it a chance. In front of the players GenshinaFor those who have already completed the entire plot, are aware of the quests and are mainly motivated by daily quests and the desire to collect currency for the character of their dreams, “WuWa” opens up new possibilities. Both the plot and combat system in this game are able to provide hours of entertainment and thoughtfulness, especially for veterans of the genre.

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