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Emotions are still not pent up! The more Anna Mucha raised the mood and reliably promoted the latest film directed by Patrick Vega – “Love, Sex and Epidemic.” The actress is known for her iconic acting and crazy body. Often daring people share on social media. She recently posted an intriguing video in which she reveals the secret to the hot and noisy production…

Uncensored …

Anna Mucha posted a recording of her role in the Patrick Vega movie. The artist played the role of a sex addict – Kaja, who is a punk and leads a punk lifestyle. Anna Mucha assures that she does not sympathize with the protagonist. Instead, he brings viewers precisely closer to the character of the character he’s playing and It describes what values ​​- or rather the lack thereof – offered by the trivial Kaja. In the entry, the asterisk adds:

Love, sex and epidemic
Attention! For adult viewers only!
Kaja and patryk_vega_official
In cinemas

Critical fan reactions

While recording Anna Mucha, there was a lot of criticism of Patrick Vega’s film. Fans of the actress admitted that the production disappointed them, because they were hoping for something more … Fortunately, Internet users almost unanimously indicate that the role of Anna Mucha – from start to finish – is interesting.

Anya, you are a beautiful and wonderful actress, but please don’t advertise this nonsense anymore.

Unfortunately… in the middle of the movie we came out… Nothing promising.

Anya, right?

This movie is such a beautiful black pudding that, however much you don’t put it here and praise it, it won’t really cheer you up.

Circumstances, a perfect character for this role. You can see that Anya feels good in this edition.

You look great in this hair and makeup.


Of course you have to distinguish between reality and cinema. Please note that Kaja is designed for a movie. However, I think you can really make a great movie without just nudity and sex.

“He was really polite.”

This is a real treat for Patrick Vega fans! Fans of the director are thrilled, because on February 4 his last drama “Love, Sex and Epidemic” was shown in cinemas. The slogan promoting the production is: “He was really polite.” The film is about three friends who are hungry for adventure and sexual sensations. Every woman is different and has a different history. They all share crazy adventures and casual relationships with guys.

A few words about Anna Mucha

He has cult roles to his credit, such as: Sabinka in Andrzej Wajda’s “Korczak” (1990), Danka Dressner With Steven Spielberg on “Schindler’s List” (1993) or the night prostitute in the movie “Boys Don’t Cry” by Olaf Lopaszynka. He already played with Patrick Vega “Pitbull. New Orders”and also played the role of Inspector Bożena in two parts of the comedy “Kogel-mogel …”: “Miszmasz or kogel-mogel 3” (2019) and “Apocalypse, or kogel-mogel 4” (2021).

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