June 9, 2023


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Foolishness in serving a cause...

Foolishness in serving a cause…

This week, we learned that an environmental group is poking fun at tires on sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in Quebec.

Sorry, don’t know how such activities can raise awareness.

Instead, it only stirs up anger and diverts attention from the real issue we want to tackle.

It’s bullshit, let’s face it. But that was nothing compared to what two eco-left activists wanted to do as a gesture in London.

Destroy a Van Gogh!

To promote an environmental cause, two activists entered and settled in front of the National Gallery in London sunflower By Van Gogh. Enjoy the job? Not really.

Sprinkle this table with tomato soup! Good idea, right? As the soup dripped onto the canvas, they applied glue to their hands and taped themselves to the wall of the museum room. Good!

Fortunately, the work was protected by glass.

less respectful

It seems that we wanted to question the value of art as opposed to the value of human life, the right to food and justice.

Let’s agree…

You want to make the world aware of the environmental cause in front of you sunflower Van Gogh? Correct!

Plant yourself before it and describe its beauty, light, strength and weakness.

Tell me that if this continues, the cultural heritage of mankind will be destroyed in a few years.

Throwing tomato soup at Van Gogh shows your disrespect for the art and beauty of the world you claim to save.

It does not demand the value of human life and the protection of the planet.

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Reason is better than this stage of embarrassing stupidity.