Flying directly over the surface of the sun.  This is what the spacecraft “Solar Orbiter” saw.

Solar Orbit Probe Closer to the sun a record short distance Only 48 million km And they made other great photos that show us the daytime star in previously unavailable detail.

It should be noted here that the Earth is located about 150 million kilometers from the Sun. Scientists hope to obtain very valuable data on this topic The work of magnetic fields And the entire atmosphere of the star closest to us. Thanks to the Solar Orbiter, we will be able to discover its greatest secrets in the next few years.

European Space Agency (ESA) scientists boasted that during the journey past the sun, The probe was heated to a temperature of 500 °C. Despite these harsh conditions, the device withstood solar winds and X-ray glare without any problems. Interestingly enough, the car was designed to withstand up to 1,500 degrees Celsius.

The solar probe is the first probe in the history of space exploration that will allow us to precisely Explore both poles of our star today. It will not be an easy task, but scientists have been preparing for this task for decades and say that all the goals set will be achieved. The first goals have already been achieved and this gives hope for further successes.

We need more knowledge about the Sun to answer the question of why the upper layers of the Sun’s atmosphere are hotter than the surface, and how we can prepare for that. solar apocalypse, that is, the tsunami effect of high-energy particles on Earth after a powerful explosion of plasma on the Sun. This means that satellites or terrestrial energy infrastructure can be damaged.

Currently, the activity of the Sun is increasing. On the eastern edge of the star’s disk visible from Earth, new large spots are constantly appearing and may bear fruit Powerful explosions and coronal physical explosions. The astronomers said that the current activity is much higher than previously expected, which means that the summit itself will also be full of strong spots and flares.

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