– I love you – with these words a stranger woke up a Florida resident, who was sleeping in his bed. Worse, the intruder was holding a scythe in his hand. The owner of the apartment called the police – when the officers appeared at the scene, an unexpected guest attacked the uniform, seriously injuring one of them – the others opened fire, and the attacker was killed on the spot.

The 911 operator received a tip-off from a Florida resident saying there was an “intruder in his home”. – He is a little crazy, he has a scythe, which he sharpened with a baseball bat – said the applicant, citing the fox35orlando.com portal.

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According to the owner’s account, an unknown man entered his house while he was sleeping, lay down beside him and woke him up with the words “I love you”.

The police were called to the scene

Officers from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office showed up. As soon as they entered the apartment, an intruder attacked them with a machete, seriously injuring one of them.

At that moment, the officers opened fire, mortally wounding the attacker – the man was killed on the spot.

fox35orlando.com quoted a spokesperson for the mayor’s office as saying that the injured officer is in a very serious condition, although not life-threatening. “It requires surgery and there is a risk of losing fingers or even a hand,” the spokesman explained.

‘It was a very bad day’

The identity of the intruder remains unknown. Investigators only say it was a white man.

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– This is a very bad end to a dangerous situation. A spokesperson for the mayor’s office said that every day police officers have to use their weapons is a bad day.

mst / pog / polsatnews.pl

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