Flooded phone?  There are better ways than putting it in rice

Have you ever dropped your phone in water and then tried to rescue it by putting it in a bag of rice? If so Apple has some surprising news for you. In its guide on what to do if your iPhone is flooded, the tech giant strongly advises against using this well-known method.

According to Apple, rice may not only be ineffective, but potentially harmful to the device. Small rice particles can get into your phone and damage its sensitive components. In addition, the company warns against drying the device using external heat sources, using compressed air, or inserting any objects such as cotton pads or paper towels into the device’s connectors.

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So what do we do when our phone unexpectedly dives? Apple advises you not to use the device and leave it with the charging port facing down. This way, any water or other liquid that got inside the phone will be able to drain out. This process may take several or even several hours, but it is worth being patient and waiting to ensure that the device is completely dry and can be safely connected to charging.

Although Apple has debunked the myth of saving your phone with rice, it’s important to remember that this method won’t be as effective (and possibly harmful) for phones from other brands as well. The safest way is to use the procedure described above, which with a little luck may save your device.

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