FIZJOMED Center – innovative approaches for neurological patients

Paid advertisement. Yesterday (June 18), in Skrzydelna, a conference was held summarizing the implementation of the project financed by Norwegian funds, as well as the ceremonial opening of the innovative FIZJOMED physiotherapy center for people with neurological diseases, which has been operating since May on a national scale.

In addition to the center’s management and employees, the event was attended by representatives of Dobra municipal authorities, including Mayor Benedikt Wegrzyn, District Councilor and Chair of the Health Committee of the Limanowa District Council Grazina Gokal, as well as many specialists. In the field of physiotherapy, including Małopolska Regional Advisor and Vice President of the National Chamber of Physiotherapists, Rafael Trubka, Ph.D., as well as Ombudsman for Physiotherapists and President of the Małopolska Branch of the Polish Physiotherapy Association Dr. Thomas Mikey, Ph.D.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was carried out by: physiotherapist Barbara Szczorowska, representative of Visgomed, Malopolska District Councilor and Vice President of the National Chamber of Physiotherapists Rafael Trubka, District Councilor Grazyna Gokal, and Mayor Benedikt Vijrzyn, a conference was held summarizing the implementation of the project financed by the Norwegian Funds, The facility’s profile and the broad support capabilities it can provide to patients were presented.

Fizjomed company has been on the market for 20 years. It started as a small local business, primarily providing nursing services. The beginnings of the business were not easy, but today it is a dynamically developing entity, specialized in rehabilitation, long-term care and elderly care, which also intends to develop into diagnostics and specialized medicine. The company already employs approximately 120 people, including many distinguished and well-known physical therapists.

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Our dream has always been to help people. The beginnings were really difficult, and few people believed in the success of our project, but after a few difficult years we began to develop, and today we have the status of a company that – I can say this with confidence – means something in our region, of which we are very proud – said Jan Szczorowski , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fizjomed Sp. Zoo

It’s a great center, I say that consciously. The equipment presented here proves its level – there are only a few places in Małopolska that can boast of such equipment. But behind that there are also great people, complete professionals, the best specialists in Małopolska. The location is also unique. Congratulations on this project – said Regional Physiotherapist Consultant, Rafael Trubka, MD.

The facility is impressive and I am very proud that it was built in our community. You clearly have passion and experience, which I really appreciate. It’s really impressive – said Dobra Municipality Mayor Benedikt Wegrzyn.

The FIZJOMED Center was equipped thanks to a grant from the Norwegian Funds in the amount of PLN 2,575,186.65. As the company’s management confirmed, the beginnings of the latest investment date back to the end of 2017, and the path to the goal was long and winding. M. in. The difficulties imposed by the pandemic and the impact of the war in Ukraine, but fortunately – were successful.

Thanks to the effective implementation of a grant from the Norwegian Funds, patients treated at Skrzydlna can benefit from innovative treatment methods M. in. Of the exterior, it is one of only 200 examples in use worldwide. Exoskeletons are used in neurological rehabilitation to help patients with spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions regain mobility. The facility is also equipped with a device to evaluate and train muscles and joints, allowing for accurate diagnosis as well as specialized rehabilitation exercises that are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the patient. It is also worth noting that the modern equipment includes: a hyperbaric chamber, a stability measurement platform, a treadmill with suspension capabilities, a device for forearm and wrist rehabilitation, and many other innovative devices.

However, what makes FIZJOMED particularly special are the diagnostic, therapeutic and educational procedures targeting neurological problems. The operating methods were developed in cooperation with specialists from the Silesian Academy in Katowice. Thanks to this, patients can rely on personalized and effective treatment, which significantly accelerates the recovery process.

After the holiday, the facility plans to hold open days so potential patients and their relatives can see the center’s capabilities for themselves.

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