Fixing eggs and high prices in fish shops in Spain

Sales of fish – fresh, frozen, smoked and canned – fell in Spain in the first two months of this year. by about 20 percent. – Warning economic organizations to the fisheries sector.

This country has the highest unemployment rate in the European Union. Every third young person is unemployed

Spain comes at the top of the list of European Union countries with the highest unemployment rates. Among youth under the age of 25, unemployment was…

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Contrary to their pleas, the government in Madrid has kept the value-added tax on fish at 10%. Sectoral organizations point out that most EU countries (including Poland) have a lower value-added tax on fish, up to 5%.

According to Fedepesca’s director, Maria Luisa Alvarez, the decline in fish demand is linked to an increase in production costs and prices as a result of the war in Ukraine. To survive, merchants ‘Keep a significant decline in profits.’ Fisheries sector organizations announced a campaign under the slogan: Everyone has the right to eat fish. They demand that the value-added tax on fish be reduced to 4%.

In December 2022, the government abolished value-added tax on bread, milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables and fruits for six months.. It also reduced the value-added tax to 5%. For oil and pasta.

Strong demand for cheaper eggs has caused shortages in some Catalan supermarkets and rationing of sales. The demand for eggs outstripped the supply; We have been experiencing a shortage in the market for several weeks.” – said the Catalan supermarket chain BonArea in a press release. According to the letter, many customers have purchased large quantities of eggs A decision has been made to introduce a sales limit.

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