Five other teams are progressing in the Champions League!  Borussia Dortmund's nightmare Pique is nothing

Some teams secured upgrade to Knockout Theater The Champions League is already ahead of the fifth round of the group stage. This group includes Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool and Ajax Amsterdam. They were joined on Tuesday by Chelsea, who beat Juventus 4-0, and Manchester United, who beat Villarreal 2-0. On Wednesday we met five more “certainties”.

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“If PSG does not win the Champions League, it will become much bigger than it was.”

Champions League. Twelve teams are confident of advancing to the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League. Who completes the “sixteen”?

The most exciting match that emerged from another team that we will see in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League is Sporting Lisbon. The Portuguese responded to the loss from the direct previous match (0:1) and were defeated at home Borussia Dortmund 3:1. The advantage of the two goals was decisive because thanks to this the players got a promotion from second place in Group C. Borussia, in turn, said goodbye to LM this spring.

It is known which match of the sixth round of the Champions League will be broadcast on TVP! Great opportunity for the fans

PSG players should say thank you RB Lipsk. It is thanks to the victory of the Germans over Club Brugge (5:0) Mauricio Pochettino’s players have a safe four-point advantage over second place, giving them a confident match into the next stage. Manchester On the other hand, he held the top spot in the first group thanks to his 2:1 . win Paris Saint-Germain At Etihad Stadium.

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Pressure also appeared in the case real MadridWho knew playing in 1/8 finals Champions League, should win Wednesday’s match with Sheriff Tiraspol. The match ended with a score of 3: 0, which means that the Spaniards are currently ranked first in Group D. intermilanWhich won 2-0 at Shakhtar Donetsk.

Only the situation in Group B, where FC Porto (5 points), Milan and Atlético Madrid (4 points) vie for promotion from second place, is still pending. In the last round, the Portuguese will face the Spanish champion, and Milan will play with Liverpool at the San Siro.

Champions League. Wednesday’s results from the fifth round:

  • Besiktas Istanbul – Ajax Amsterdam (1:2)
  • Inter Milan – Shakhtar Donetsk (2:0)
  • Manchester – Paris Saint-Germain (2:1)
  • Atletico Madrett – Milan (0:1)
  • Club Brugge – RB Lipske (0:5)
  • Liverpool – Porto (2:0)
  • Sherif Tiraspol – Real Madrit (0:3)
  • Sporting FC – Borussia Dortmund (3:1)

Teams that you can trust to qualify for the 1/8 finals of the Champions League:

  • Bavaria Monacia
  • Ajax Amsterdam
  • Liverpool
  • Juventus
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United
  • Manchester
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • real Madrid
  • intermilan
  • Sporting Lisbon
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