First contact with Ferrari Purosangue.  It is an SUV like no other and Ferrari is like no other car

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Ferrari’s first high-profile four-door model has no more secrets. Under shocking assumptions, there are unexpected traditional solutions: a naturally aspirated V12 engine and body dimensions similar to the already well-known models of the brand. I learned more about him during the premiere of The Secret World, during which I was able to take a seat inside.

Ferrari Borosangoy (2023)

Ferrari Borosangoy (2023) (Ferrari photo)

Ferrari Purosangue (2023) – premiere, first contact, price when in Poland

At first, it was hard for me even to realize that such a car should be made. However, the shocking fact of working on the first SUV was confirmed by Ferrari itself in 2017. Since then, it has been hard for me to imagine what it might look like.

But now everything is clear: after years of waiting, the supercar manufacturer has discovered the cards. The model officially named Purosangue (Italian: Pureblood) finally enters the market. Yes, it has a second pair of doors, all-wheel drive, and the ground clearance is increased to 18.5 cm. But if you call it an SUV, it is unlike any other SUV on the market.

With Purosangue face to face: not a revolution, but a logical step forward

In appearance, they are closer to the high-rise counterpart of the already existing Ferrari models of conventional SUVs. Although so far Brand design studio led by Flavio Manzonirather avoid repetition, here he did just the opposite and Capture many distinct elements from other brand models (As if to confirm that Purosangue belongs to the same family as them.)

Looking into the future, we can find something from a thousand horses SF90 Stradal (Even if this distinctive shape is now filled only with the air intakes, not the lights – these are carried to the lower intakes in the bumper), the LED taillights, in turn, appear to be approved by 296 GTBand the publisher – also produced at the present time – romy.

Ferrari Borosangoy (2023)

Even the dimensions themselves, contrary to appearances, are not much different from what you can actually get in Ferrari showrooms. Purosangue large – It is about 5 meters long and over 2 meters wide. But it’s really not much bigger than the biggest GTC4Lusso to date. Its length is only 5 cm, and in the case of the wheelbase, its advantage is less than 2 cm.

However, these dimensions managed to fit (for the first time in the history of the production model of this brand) a second pair of doors. However, it is not entirely ordinary. Ferrari designers and . surprised Included rear doors that open electrically against the wind (They are supported on one arm only). Although the B-pillar remained in place, thanks to this solution, taking a place on the rear seat is easier (especially since the rear doors themselves are not large again).

Ferrari Purusango and author of the text

The space itself is very large. During the secret premiere of this model, I actually had the opportunity to talk to its creators beforehand (which I will discuss in future publications at Autokult) and thoroughly examine it. There is plenty of space in the rear seats (two identical buckets with those in the front row are the only available option – a three-seater sofa is not planned), and comfort is high. Trunk volume is 473 liters. For an SUV, the value is almost nominal, but for serial-produced Ferrari models – so far – the largest (in the GTC4Lusso it was 450 liters).

The cabin design is an extension of the style already known from the brand’s latest coupe model. For the SUV segment, some of the solutions used are fundamentally different. There is no center screen hereand a large display mounted directly in front of the front passenger. Behind the wheel are large paddles to shift gears for racing. Despite the additional touch screens and the quiet atmosphere in the cabin of this brand, the car stands out with its racing genes compared to an SUV. Purosangue is noticeably higher than the rest of the brand’s models, but not as high as the classic SUV.

Ferrari Borosangoy (2023)

The naturally aspirated V12 under the hood confirms: it’s a full-blooded Ferrari

During conversations with me, the creators of this model have repeatedly emphasized this Purosangue is a completely new design, from the chassis to the driveline. Moreover, they admitted that a car of this type would not have been made at all without a breakthrough innovation, thanks to which they were able to reconcile the existing dimensions (it should weigh a lot of luxury – the Purosangue weighs more than 2 tons and stops at 2033 kg) with the desired driving dynamics.

This innovation is an advanced 48-volt active suspension system that compensates for lateral tilt during cornering to the desired level. This solution is so effective that the use of anchor rods is no longer required.

Active suspension in Ferrari Purosangue with 48V installation

However, other chassis components are already well known to fans of the brand. The basis of the drivetrain was the well-known exotic solution of the GTC4Lusso and its predecessors, in which the power was distributed to four wheels with most of it going to the rear axle (which in this case houses the dual axle – the well-known SF90 Stradale automatic clutch gearbox). eight gears), some forward through another gearbox, this time with two gears. Meanwhile, the braking is traditionally handled for the brand by a Brembo carbon-ceramic system.

However, getting attached to ingredients already known isn’t any objection on my part, especially since Under the hood of the Purosangue is the most conventional engine possible: the naturally aspirated V12. The Ferrari 6.5-liter main unit was installed in the center, that is, behind the front axle, and not above it, as in ordinary (even the most sporty) SUVs.

6.5L V12 Engine in Ferrari Purosangue

Here it generates all 725 hp and 716 Nm. It seems to me that the Italians set the numbers to secure the title of the fastest SUV in the world (DBX707 It has 707 hp, a Urus Performante 666 hp), and if necessary, enter other versions.

It’s a bold but brilliant decision for the brand’s current board of directors. Purosangue appears to be what its name promises: a full member of the range. It’s as fast as a real Ferrari, just as engaging (just imagine the sound of this engine at max 7,750 rpm!) and outstanding to drive (the creators clearly emphasized that in CT-Off drive mode and above, this sports car’s rear axle will be a multiplayer! The SUV-and-non-SUV is as crazy and easy to play as the rest of the brand’s models.)

Above all, however, the large engine gives it exclusivity. The price list for Purosangue in Polish brand stores will start from Value close to 2 million PLN. He can only ask for a similar amount in this part Rolls Royce Cullinan. However, there are many more people who would like to buy their first Ferrari SUV than there are cars available. Production is restricted by the Italians themselves: so that the Maranello plant did not suddenly become a specialist in SUVs, Sales of this model will be limited to less than 20 percent. Brand annual result.

In this cunning way, Ferrari surprised not only its fans, but also customers. Indeed, with such decisions, he cares about both: it shows that even with an SUV, not much will change in the range, because the purebred Ferrari itself is not much different from the models that have left Maranello so far. After the first contact with this car, I must admit: it turned out to be really cool. And if so, then I am waiting for the first copies on the Polish roads, which will arrive here in the first quarter of 2023. And for the first fully electric Ferrari. Yes, that will come too. It is already in 2025.

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