Firewood prices have fallen sharply.  How much do pine, birch, oak, beech, etc. cost?  It is worth buying now

Sure enough, after last year’s fall peak, firewood prices have plummeted. Now you can buy them at half the price! It is worth buying now. We offer current prices.

Spring is coming which means… it’s time to fuel up for the upcoming winter. This applies to those who heat their homes with wood or have stoves in their living rooms. why now? Freshly cut, that is, wet, wood is often offered for sale. In order for it to burn well and give off a lot of heat, it must dry, and this takes time. In the case of coniferous, alder or birch wood, if it has been cut, chipped and stored properly at the beginning of the year (in a well-ventilated place, under a roof), it will be good for firewood in winter. Beech requires annual seasoning, while oak requires two years. When we buy firewood now, there’s a good chance it came from last season, or was harvested in the winter, when there was little water in the trees. In either case, in the heating season we will have wood with low humidity. Therefore, it is not worth delaying.

Currently, sellers in the Świętokrzyskie district offer wood of several types. What’s more, it’s priced much lower than last year. In the fall of 2022, it was a record high, caused by a sharp rise in the prices of other fuels, especially coal. In 2021, a cubic meter of sawn and cut pine lumber costs about PLN 180. For birch – from PLN 200, beech and oak were more expensive – from PLN 250 per meter. In September last year, the price of birch was 450 PLN, and the most valuable, beech, from 600 PLN to 1000 PLN! In addition, there was a problem with their purchase. Current prices are more favorable. – I sell chopped and chopped pine for PLN 200, birch for PLN 350, oak for PLN 400, hornbeam for PLN 450, – reported Jaroslaw Jarosz, owner of the Baku company from Starachowice. We checked the prices from sellers offering lumber on Internet portals. Prices, depending on the type of wood, range from PLN 200 to PLN 550 per meter.

It is worth remembering that “a meter is not equal to a meter.” State forests sell timber by the cubic meter, ie without air between the stacks. Private sellers usually offer it in the spatial meter, which equals 0.65 cubic metres. They usually state the price “per meter”, without specifying whether it is cubic or spatial. In the descriptions we often find the words “honestly arranged lumber”, we even found an offer “per cubic meter”. Meanwhile, a cubic meter is a cubic meter. When buying wood, it is better to ask the seller, and if he gives the price per cubic meter, then convert it into a cube.

The cheapest timber can be bought in state forests, which sell them to private individuals at attractive prices, from PLN 140 to PLN 200 per cubic meter. To do this, you need to contact the forester and submit an application. Bringing the wood from the warehouse in the forest, cutting and splitting it is the responsibility of the customer. This service can be entrusted to a private company, one of the forest services companies. In the end, it will usually be cheaper anyway. Unfortunately, the problem is the availability of wood for the “furnace” in the state forests. The economic crisis has translated into a decrease in the demand for wood, which is therefore less harvested than before. Forestry does not specifically cut wood for fuel, it is a side effect of obtaining it for industry. The lowest quality wood is used for firewood. The less wood demanded by the construction and furniture industries, the less fuel is offered for sale. The cheapest way to obtain fuel is still “self-harvesting”. If we go to the forest ourselves and cut and collect the so-called “gałęziówka” in the place indicated by the forester, we will pay only 50-60 zlotys per cubic meter. For a year it has become a popular source of fuel again.

The good news is that wood pellets are definitely getting cheaper. Last year’s price frenzy drove its prices from around PLN 1,300-1,500 to PLN 2,500 per ton. Currently, we will pay from PLN 1,600 to PLN 1,800 for a pallet (990 kg) of a quality branded product.

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