fires.  More villages evacuated in Greece.  What is the situation in Italy, Turkey, Algeria and Russia?

Residents of areas consumed by fire in Greece are pressing the government to mobilize more resources to fight the element. Greeks speak frankly about the worst environmental disaster in history, and their mood was not improved by an apology from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mikotakis, who assured that all the shortcomings of his government would be removed once the situation was brought under control.

In total, more than 500 fires have been recorded across the country so far, evacuating dozens of villages and thousands of people, and nearly 1,000 firefighters, nine planes and 200 vehicles from other countries have been sent to fight the fires.

According to the Greek Coast Guard, more than 3,000 people were evacuated by sea from Epoya, which erupted in its northern part on August 3 under the influence of high temperatures.

Greek authorities said on Tuesday the island was “much better”, but firefighters, with the support of many volunteers, continued to fight to prevent the fire from reaching Estiai, a city of 7,000 that has yet to be evacuated.

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According to the Greek fire brigade, the forces deployed in the northern part of Epoya were reinforced on Tuesday and increased to 870 firefighters, many of whom came from Cyprus, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania. Seventeen water-propelled grenades and eight aircraft were mobilized, including three French Kinders.

Dozens of fires are still active in southern Italy, mostly in the Aspromonte region of Calabria, where fires threaten the “Ancient Forests”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Firefighting is also carried out in Apulia and Sicily. In total, firefighters in Italy are battling 70 fires.

In Turkey, most of the fires that broke out in 50 provinces have been contained. Turkish services on Tuesday fought only two fires on the Aegean coast, around Milas and Koysges.

Russia is also struggling with fires. President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday ordered an increase in the number of firefighters battling blazes in Yakutia. The Ministry of Emergency Situations previously sent more than 4,200 rescuers to the fire-affected area.

In Yakutia, an emergency regime was declared on Sunday. From July 1, access to the forests there is prohibited. Fires in this largest region of Russia in terms of territory have already reached human settlements and economic facilities.

Fires also broke out in Algeria. And the country’s authorities announced, on Tuesday, the death of about 20 soldiers in the fight against the fire.

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