December 4, 2022


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Finn got angry and blew up a Tesla Model S

Finn got angry and blew up a Tesla Model S

Thomas Katainen was an extremely happy owner Tesla electric car From 8 years. Unfortunately, the Model S finally refused to obey. The Finn was handed over to the service, where the specialists had to check whether he could be quickly and inexpensively returned to service. It turns out that this is not possible. The car has been in service for 30 days.

Qatainin heard from the owner of the auto repair shop that it was at stake Battery replacement. The cost was about the same 95 thousand zlotys. Finn was upset by the news that he would face such a huge expense for a car that he had already paid for in hundreds of thousands of zlotys and was going to serve him for several years.

The owner of the Model S decided to solve his problem in an amazingly different way and make some money on it. So use the huge potential of the global network and YouTube by connecting to the group Youtube from Pommijatkat . channel. They specialize in blasting different things.

The blast specification sticks to the Model S. 30 kilos of explosives. Interestingly, an Elon Musk doll was placed inside the car. In this way, the Finns wanted to express their opposition to equipping and repairing the “world’s greenest car”.

Thomas Katainen, 26, complained about Tesla’s warranty coverage Replace batteries if their capacity drops below 70 percent 150,000 miles ago or eight years after you bought the car. In his case, 95,000 PLN to replace the battery will be enough to purchase another 2013 Model S used in this country.

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