Finland sounds the alarm about Russia.  For the first time in NATO

The Finnish Ministry of Defense announced this A Russian military aircraft violated the country’s airspace in the eastern part of the Gulf of FinlandNear the city of Lovisa.

The accident occurred on the morning of June 10. According to the administration’s preliminary data, the plane was in Finnish airspace for about two minutes, “and flew at a depth of 2.5 kilometers from the border.”

Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen said the ministry “takes this violation seriously” and has launched an investigation. The Finnish Ministry of Defense recalled that the last time Russian aircraft violated the country’s airspace was in August 2022, that is, before Finland joined NATO.

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Finland sounds the alarm about Russia. There is an answer

On the afternoon of June 10, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian long-range aircraft were conducting regular overflights in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, and Norway.

I remember that Finland became a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in April 2023. The country applied to join NATO shortly after Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on Finland’s decision About joining the alliance, he stated that the Russian Federation had no problems with the country before it “joined NATO.”

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