Finland: Prime Minister Sanna Marin apologizes for going to the club despite the quarantine

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Wednesday apologized to the public for being in a nightclub in Helsinki on Saturday and Sunday nights in violation of anti-epidemic laws.

A Finnish politician published a passage from the Bible. She was charged with “hate speech”

Finnish MP, former interior minister and longtime leader of the Christian Democrats Päivi Räsänen heard the accusation…

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– You did it wrong. I should think about the situation more carefully, Marine said in a TV interview with public radio station Yle.

The information initially disseminated over the weekend by a Finnish celebrity gossip website developed into a nationwide scandal that was widely reported by all Finnish newspapers.

On Saturday, when Marin went to the nightclub, information about the need to avoid social contact was sent to members of the government via work phones. It was linked to the confirmation of the infection Corona Virus At the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto, who visited last week, among others in Sweden At a ministerial meeting OBWE. Marine – as she herself admitted – did not read the letter until Sunday morning.

As Seiska’s rumor site wrote, the prime minister, while visiting a nightclub in Helsinki, wanted to show that covid passports work and that twice vaccinated residents can have a good time in the capital.


Helsingin Sanomat writes that despite the information received on Saturday to members of the government about the need to avoid social contacts, Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lentila took part in Sunday’s soccer match between Finland and Latvia.

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