Finland is ready to attack Russia.  'We'll be hard to break' |  News from the world

The Finnish leader has no doubts that his country will be the “hard-to-break gang” of any aggressor.

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Will NATO learn from the war in Ukraine?

Finland has been preparing for decades for a Russian attack and we will have a strong resistance in case of any attack

– Values gene. Timo Kivinen who quotes his words “Watchman”. The commander added that the Finns, regardless of military readiness, are highly motivated. – What’s in the head is most important. We can see it on the example of the Ukrainians – values. The results of the latter testify to the high level of motivation vote Commissioned by the Finnish Ministry of Defense. 82 percent of respondents declared their willingness to participate in national defense in the event of an attack on Finland.

Finland is on high alert

Until recently, neutral Finland applied to join NATO. The application was made with Sweden, and the decision of the two northern countries was influenced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and the ongoing war there. Finland shares with Russia The land border is 1,300 km long.

Helsinki has maintained a high level of military readiness since the end of World War II. In the forties of the last century, Finland fought two wars with Russia on its territory, which resulted in the deaths of one hundred thousand Finns. Helsinki then lost a tenth of its territory to the Soviet Union.

Finland’s responsibility alone

Finland has 280,000 professional soldiers and 870,000. They are trained reservists. Nor did it abolish military conscription for men, as many other Western countries did after the end of the Cold War. Experts estimate that Helsinki has built one of the most powerful artillery arsenals in Europe, equipped with cruise missiles with a range of 370 km. The Finns have ordered four new warships and 64 F-35 fighters from US defense giant Lockheed Martin. They also plan to order about 2,000 drones and deploy their anti-aircraft equipment in big heights. on me the border A barrier is emerging with Russia.

We have systematically developed our military defense precisely for this type of military operation taking place in Ukraine, with extensive use of fire, armored forces and air forces. We will be hard to break, like Ukraine

General Timo Kevinnen confirmed. Finland participated in the Baltops military exercise this year, along with Sweden and 12 other NATO members. – added the Finnish commander – in the event of an attack by the Russians, the defense of the homeland will be the responsibility of Finland alone.

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