Find crisp moments in this year's villains and nominations for Jabberz d'Or

Group of It’s just TV The finalists for the 14th edition of Zapetus d’Or Gala will be released, which will air live on Theatre Paradox on ICI ARTV on March 25 at 9pm.

This entertainment gala excels on TV in a variety of and often fun genres. For example, on the small screen we return to the villains of the year, where we see Denise Theberg, written by Luke Picard. One way ticket And Paul Ahmarani’s Samuel Travel For life.

We’m back to this year’s crisp moments on TV, especially the full body interview between Julie Snyder and Anne Dorval The next afternoon at the next tableDiscomfort between Melanie Maynard and Patrick Hart Tower And Jean-Fran்கois Famous Back Pipe Solo on If We Loved Each Other.

Each category will consist of 5 finalists, who will be selected by a 13-member jury, including members. It’s just TVAnne-Marie Withenshaw, Nathalie Petrowski, Thorse Parisien and Alex Perron and regular viewers.

Here are the nominees for the 14th Japets d’or gala:

Burst out laughing

Effective TV time

  • I love you so much
  • Lotto-Meno
  • Mom, why are you crying?
  • Lose Mario
  • You just have to complain


  • Shelby Jean-Baptist, Animator – Do not lie to yourself And Sabine Translator – Trapped
  • Elysian Paradise, translator of Audrey (young age) – Audrey came back
  • Nova Parker, Justin Translator – Red wrists And Lyon – Six degrees
  • Audrey Roger, Flavie’s Translator – Red wrists And Sabrina – Brotherhood
  • Anthony Therian, Felix Translator – Red wrists And Ricardo – Six degrees

Villain of the Year

Imaginative dramatic moment

  • Poopoo’s death and its announcement – District 31
  • Finding the family of the murdered – Project b (Season 3)
  • Sylvain receives medical help when she dies – Turning
  • Meeting between Audrey and Yannick – Audrey came back
  • Kim’s deathRed wrists

Excellently played character

  • Audrey Futreau, Florence Longbray – Audrey came back
  • Mylene Clermont, played by Ann-Elizabeth Bose – Project b (Season 3)
  • Starring Eve Carens, Rachel Grodon – Portrait-robot
  • Frederick Lessard, played by Charlotte Opin – Turning
  • Sylvain Lessard, played by Sylvain Marcel – Turning

Crisp moment

The big price drives me

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