March 27, 2023


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Martwy pasażer został odnaleziony na pokładzie samolotu z Turcji po lądowaniu maszyny w Hamburgu. Sekcja zwłok wykazała infekcję koronawirusem – poinformowały niemieckie media.

Find a dead passenger on the plane. The man was infected with the Corona virus

The dead passenger was found on a plane from Turkey after the plane landed in Hamburg. German media reported that the autopsy showed infection with the Corona virus.

The incident happened last week, but the media is only publishing it now.

“It is possible that the condition of (the deceased) was not noticed until after landing. It was like that 51 year old man From Schleswig-Holstein (a state in the north of Germany – PAP), infected with the Coronavirus “- reports the Merkur portal.

A Turkish Pegasus Airlines flight flew from Istanbul on October 25. The flight attendants noticed the man only when the other passengers were leaving the plane. “By then, it was too late to provide assistance. The passenger most likely died during the flight, contracted the Corona virus“- Al-Bawaba learned, citing the results of the investigators. It is not known whether the man traveled alone or on a business trip.

Mercure found a statement issued by Pegasus Airlines announcing: “The passenger has been allowed to fly from Istanbul to Hamburg. After making sure he is fully vaccinated, in full compliance with the provisions for Covid-19 between Germany and Turkey.”

The airline expressed its condolences to the passenger’s family and promised to cooperate with the authorities in further investigations.

Initially, investigators considered the possibility that the man might already be dead.

According to the newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt”, the matter is underway How did the man get on board despite the injury?. Hamburg police have launched an investigation into the passenger’s death to rule out a possible crime.

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