Final fold for Martin Fontaine on Elvis skin

This time, he swears it’s really the last time: Martin Fontaine will wear King’s costumes after the final series.Elvis experienceIt started in December at the Theater Capitol in Quebec Newspaper.

“I hang my wiki permanently. That person is 57 years old and I am now a businessman. It was good for us RunSays Martin Fontaine, who has been driving Memphis Cabaret at Troyes-Rivers since 2018.

His fans suspected that he would return to the Capitol from Martin Fontaine’s summer tour of Quebec.Elvis experience Was announced. Concerts were planned in Gatineau, Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay, but not in Quebec.

“The number of people asking us on Facebook why we didn’t do Quebec is crazy, and we answered: Ah, that’s right,” Martin Fontaine laughs.

However, I agree that MM. Fontaine and Pilot can not imagine coming full circle anywhere other than the stage where the shows take place. Elvis story And Elvis experience Played over 1,300 times since 1995. “We built it all there,” says Martin Fontaine.

John Pilot

Archive photo

John Pilot

Emotions in sight

Twenty-seven years later, the screen will finally fall on New Year’s Eve. Fifteen showsElvis Experience – The Final LawIn one version Blue Christmas Will be on view from December 7 to 31, depending on the holiday season.

Emotions promise to be strong.

“Right now, he’s sharing Elvis’s most famous impersonation in Quebec, I’m denying it.

Producer Jean Pilot has been complicit with the Beginner since the beginning, and looks forward to the moving finale. “On December 31st, something is going to happen,” the man says, as he returns to the Capitol and, two years later, sells all the shares in the two performance halls, the hotel and the Il Detro restaurant.

Indestructible Elvis

Will the interest in Quebec, which died suddenly on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42, live on at the end of the music reviews that Martin Fontaine had worked so hard to create?

Jean Pilot believes so, especially thanks to the biopic ElvisBy filmmaker Boss Luhrmann, it will hit theaters this summer after its world premiere in Cannes.

“I saw the trailer and it’s amazing. It’s bringing the Elvis back to the news for the younger generation,” he said.

Who knows, Martin Fontaine says, in ten years other artists will want to follow in his footsteps and resurrect Elvis on stage?

“We believe so,” he said. Lessons like this are immortal.

Tickets to see Elvis Experience – The Final Law Blue Christmas It goes on sale from 10 a.m. Friday.

A little history

  • Over 2000 shows of music reviews since 1995 Elvis story And Elvis experience Attracted More than 1.8 million viewers worldwide.
  • In addition to the approximately 1,300 performances that took place at the Theater Capitol in Quebec. Poster everywhere in Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Quebec.
  • In July 2014, the king’s widow, Priscilla Presley, attended the event Elvis experienceAt the Capitol Theater.

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