February 1, 2023


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Final Fantasy XVI in the Polish language version! revolutionized the role-playing game market

Fans of the Final Fantasy universe have been waiting for such news for many years. Final Fantasy XVI is the first official installment to receive Polish localization. The news has just been confirmed by the original publisher.

Last year, there were rumors about a Polish localization for Final Fantasy XVI, but now we can officially confirm it. Square Enix took notice of Poland and decided to develop a local localization for the upcoming game.

In 155 days, on June 22, 2023, Final Fantasy XVI will premiere and will be the first officially domestic production from the Final Fantasy universe.

In the official materials prepared by the publisher, we can read eloquently: “PIERWSZY RAZ PO POLSKI!”. In the information of the original stores there is already an annotation about “Polish language version”.

Players will be able to read Polish subtitles while learning about the Final Fantasy XVI story – it was decided to use cinematic subtitles, so the voices will be original, and we will simply get acquainted with the translated texts.

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The news has been confirmed by the original publisher – CENEGA.

Cenega, Square Enix’s official partner in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, is pleased to announce that FINAL FANTASY XVI has been added to the company’s publishing schedule. The title will be released on June 22 in standard and deluxe editions on PlayStation 5 platforms, and also for the first time in the Polish language version (translation).