Final Fantasy XVI – but not an open world?  And very good

Contrary to appearances, Final Fantasy XVI is not a typically open-ended narrative game. So far, we thought the title would head towards the build of the cycle’s fifteenth installment. Recent reports indicate that the world map is based on a plot developed once in Final Fantasy X, but not only. In the deluge of games based on the open world generation, Square Enix’s proposal seduces the senses. Such a decision is associated with many benefits in terms of setup and gameplay. The story is written in medieval typography, but let’s forget the charming aura of FFIX. PEGI and ESRB gave the game the highest age rating compared to the series’ baseline scores. May this not be the only historical feature of this story.

Although the creators confirmed this last year Final Fantasy XVI “It’s not going to be your typical open-world game,” we still don’t know the details. “I have mentioned in previous interviews that FFXVI is not an open world. What did you mean exactly? Does this mean build my line? Well not quiteie” – Producer Naoki Yoshida tries to point out that nonlinearity can be achieved without merging the game into one big world. Right from the start Elden ringWe firmly believe in Japanese innovators aiming for extraordinary and vast locations. Squaresoft’s predecessor did this, on the example of Final Fantasy X, although the system’s limitations didn’t allow for much. In search of inspiration, we’ll also be seeing something from the twelfth installment of the series.

division of the world

Valisthea stretches along many kingdoms. A mysterious epidemic calls for chaos. In the foreground is Clive Rosefield, the eldest son of Archduke Rosaria, who embarks on a path of revenge. This is a very popular topic, but we’ll know the full context when the title goes on sale, so in just over a couple of months. The previous play case provided some answers. If you believe the creators, Final Fantasy XVI is the first game in the history of the brand that can be classified as an action RPG. How much truth is there? We’ll find out on June 22nd at the earliest. But we do know one thing. Final Fantasy XVI is not another open world. Square Enix seems to have had enough of FFXV and Forspoken. Although the latter is a completely different game, it is similar to the previous achievements of Luminous Production. It was received coldly, as evidenced by the game’s significant drop in price. Recently, you can buy it for the magical 99 PLN.

Final Fantasy never needed a fully integrated open world to have fun. When we turn back the clock to 1997, to our historic moment of emergence Final Fantasy VIILet’s draw some conclusions. Arranged on three discs, the game contained an open world plot. After the events of Midgar, we went into deep water. The world map, though small in size compared to current developments, was something of an innovation. It offers no more than locations to go to to advance the story and clashes with opponents. And while we’re still talking about some kind of imitation rather than a real open world, I didn’t mention the “big seven” for nothing. from reading Final Fantasy X-2: Ultimania He reveals that there is a boy named Shinra in the game world. Sound familiar? Ultimania is a version that was released exclusively in the Japanese market. This is an original guide for a specific game universe of the FF universe, or rather, the multiverse. It is unknown if the producers of FFX and FFX-2 used the same names for nostalgia or maybe FFVII and FFX were set in the same world? With a time jump of several hundred years.

When Final Fantasy X hit the market, the press melted on the quality of the game. This beautiful place has never been seen before. It was the beginning of the great PS2 era. Meanwhile, FFX did not offer an open space, but a map of the world. From its level (after reaching a certain point in the game plot), players can choose a location of interest, although the order of visit is usually determined by text characters. To preserve the great setting, the developers decided to divide the map into several regions. If this world was condensed, who knows if the situation wouldn’t deteriorate. Now, as fans around the world prepare for the 16th chapter of the 35-plus-year-old series, Square Enix is ​​using a similar narrative approach.. The game features a type of powerful HUB called Hideout. Reaching this place also determines the development of the story. any analogy? FFX only appeared on one platform, while FFXVI will also be released (for now) only for PS5. Naoki Yoshida claims that the division of the world into several regions results from a desire for more detailed locations. However, let’s admit that the world in Final Fantasy XV did not refuse, while landscapes were the material for many holiday postcards.

Inspiration from years gone by


Final Fantasy X inspired world design, at least in terms of level selection. Unless Yoshida misleads us, all visited lands are a large area. There are also nods to Noctis and his chases of creatures. Here, too, gifts for monsters have been instilled, which we will achieve. In moments free from saving kingdoms, we’ll go hunting, though not Monster Hunter, which is a pity. On the one hand, we’re tired of the open-world trend. In recent years, many of the somewhat larger series have been forced into this “restructuring”.. Hence the solution used in FFXVI smells slightly like NioHem. In the game Team Ninja, we choose the level across the world map. And the sections are not the smallest.

Final Fantasy XVI is also similar to the twelfth part of the series. The main character, Van, like the last protagonist, is raised in the Kingdom of Dalmatia. Either way, the heroes grow up in the capitals of their kingdoms. Either way, each kingdom faces an unknown force. FFXVI has as many as six kingdoms, while in the FXII universe we only saw two kingdoms. And that doesn’t change the fact that the creators are equally inspired by the tenth and twelfth installments in terms of world building. Let’s add a medieval environment. We last saw him at the beginning of the millennium, when the wonderful Final Fantasy IX saw the world. If all goes according to plan, one of the more interesting stories in this verse (multiple?) lies ahead. None of the Final Fantasy installments have been plot-related, but as the idea of ​​a boy named Shinra shows, the creators love to tease audiences. Can we find similar references here? We will start exploring this world on June 22nd.

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