Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is so good that the game has been discontinued
December 17, 2021, 14:55

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion pack was so good that Square Enix had to temporarily remove the game from digital and brick-and-mortar stores.


  1. Square Enix withdrew from sale Final Fantasy XIV Until the problem of server overcrowding is dealt with;
  2. This also applies to trial versions FFXIVThe owners of these games will only be able to log into the game at certain times.

Square Enix has learned the hard way just how realistic the “suffering through success” meme is. company temporarily withdraw Final Fantasy XIV for sale?? Both digital and filled. The beta version of the game has also been blocked from downloading, and people who already have it can sign in “late night and early morning”.

Withdrawing the product from sale is usually associated with its own mistakes and very serious errors. However, in this case, the problem is completely different. He is guilty because?? excessive success Endwalker accessories. Coming to the Early Access add-on confirmed FFXIV Place among the most popular titles on Steam. Currently the number of players has decreased slightly but “fourteen”. Still in the top twenty LED Platform Uprights And he’s doing a much better job than the past seven years. Let’s not forget that the title is also available on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Mo¿e Ciê zainteresowaæ:

  1. Fewer and fewer people in the new world?? Players are tired of Amazon’s lack of action on the game
  2. What actions can judge you in an online game?

Unfortunately, the popularity of the game has exceeded its servers. ready to play in Final Fantasy XIV They had to count standing in line just to join the server. We’re not talking about minutes, but often about long hours. Right, players they come back Be aware that the situation looks better than others anyway plural media (and not only) after similar beginnings, but it’s poor consolation for the people the game has reported placing 7000 on its waiting list. Especially since the problems have been going on for two weeks, for which Naoki Yoshida is a manager FFXIV.

Square Enix’s decision to suspend game distribution is more painful than expansion Endwalker It was accepted By players with great enthusiasm. Restrictions have to be in place for problems to be dealt with, huh? Taking into account the withdrawal of the game also from brick stores?? It will likely take more than, say, a few days (or maybe even weeks).

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