Final Fantasy VII Reunion with high ratings in reviews.  Square Enix game reviews overview

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion won’t be released until December 13th. Today, however, we can get acquainted with the reviews of this adapter.

Square Enix feels confident with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, making review copies available to editors in advance. Thanks to this move by the publisher, we can now read reviews of this production.

First impressions of critics seem to be very positive. Judgments about 8/10 prevail. There are even high marks like 9/10 from Shacknews, GamingTrend, or Press Start. The editors praise the significant graphical advancement over the original Crisis Core release on the PSP and some changes to the combat mechanics that make skirmishes more fluid and dynamic.

In a few texts we deal with lower notes. Gameblog and GameSpew gave it a 7/10, Stating that the graphic changes are very small – the editors expected further improvements to the binding. Gamblog also criticizes the outdated gameplay solution and small arcade locations. Push Box (7/10) Enix punished Box for poorly written dialogue/weak text a PlayStation Universe stated that “Side missions are just as boring as they were 15 years ago.”

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion review ratings:

  • Shack News 9/10
  • GamingTrend 9/10
  • Everyone is 9/10
  • Siliconera 9/10
  • Barrier 9/10
  • Press start 9/10
  • Craptor 8.5/10
  • PC Gamer 8.6.0 Update
  • Atomics 8.5/10
  • Worth playing 8.5/10
  • Bolt Games 8/10
  • TrueGaming 8/10
  • Will Blade 8/10
  • inverse 8/10
  • PushSquare 7/10
  • GameSpew 7/10
  • GameBlog 7/10

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