Final Fantasy VII Remake with PS Plus will finally get a free PS5 upgrade.  Square Enix surprise

Square Enix has made some killer decisions in recent weeks, but the latest news should please a lot of gamers. The publisher and producer have announced that PS Plus customers will be able to upgrade Final Fantasy VII Remake from PS4 to PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake a few months ago To the PlayStation Plus catalogBut Sony surprised the players by confirming the killer news. The company only offered the PS4 version. Customers were able to enable the item on PS5 via backwards compatibility, but in this case they did not receive the intended improvements.

Square Enix announced on Twitter that the Japanese have decided to change their mind Later this week, those interested will be able to upgrade Final Fantasy VII Remake from PS Plus (PS4 → PS5), There will also be an option to purchase an additional part of the story that will be promoted.

Starting Wednesday…

– PS Plus subscribers who have used FinalFantasy VII Remake via PlayStation Plus will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version.
– Episode Intermission, a downloadable content featuring Yuffie Kisaragi, will be available at 25% off for a limited time! “

As you can see, Square Enix could easily provide an option to update, but the company decided to block the function, and only now new players will be able to check the game in better quality.

It should be noted that among the improvements available thanks to the PS5 update, we will find an improved frame, picture mode, lower load times and two display modes (4K at 60 fps and 4K with ray tracing and 30 fps).

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