"Final Destination 6" found its directors
Have you ever felt that you have managed to deceive fate? Pay attention, pay attention, because he cannot be deceived. Or at least, we’re used to it from the series that started in 2000 with the James Wong movie. Since then, the movie “Cheat Destiny” consists of five parts. The sixth part is in preparation as of 2021 (and the first reference dates back to 2011, when the fifth part was released in cinemas). Earlier this year, it was announced that director John Watts for Spider-Man: No Way Home was among the project’s producers. Now we meet the duo who will be standing behind the film camera. The shortlists are Zach Lebowski and Adam B Stein, authors of the 2018 thriller “Misfits.”

“Final Destination 6” – what do we know about the movie?

In addition to the film’s directors Zach Lebowski and Adam B. Stein, produced by Jon Watts, was also announced that Guy Busick and Laurie Evans Taylor, makers of the horror film “Fun in the Buried” starring Samara Weaving, would be scripted.

Plot details remain classified, but we can expect the concept to remain the same – the main character has a strong sense that a fatal catastrophe is about to happen. So he saves himself and his friends, and puts himself in danger of fate, which comes after step by step. The series is best known for its witty and effective scenes of “accidental” deaths.

The last part of the series hit the cinema in 2011.

Below we remind you to preview the first “Final Fate”.

“Cheat Destiny” – Trailer

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