Filmweb recommends “Inside Out 2”.  The Pixar cartoon is now in theaters
You can already see ‘Inside Out 2’ in cinemas, which is the sequel to the excellent 2015 Pixar film. Just like the original, the film won our hearts and that’s why we decided to give it a ‘Filmweb Recommend’ quality tag.

Why do we recommend “Inside Out 2”?

As our reviewer writes: Another adventure through the amusement park known as The Mind from Part 1, this time full of the magic and dangers of the mature mind. The infrastructure beneath the skull is intertwined with large construction projects, but also with massive landfills, crumbling monuments, and dead-end roads. A stream of consciousness, a belief system, a showcase of future careers, a treasure trove of secrets and (worst of all!) an abyss of cynicism depicting in colorful frames notions about the human mind, fascinating observational comedy and universal morality. It is presented to both younger and older audiences. Kelsey Mann’s directorial debut raises a less obvious question: Are emotions a catalyst or a consequence of what happens to us? What is even more amazing is that this issue came directly from the minds of philosophers and will find its solution.

A lesson in development as an attempt to reconcile conflicting feelings? He is. Learn to tolerate unpleasant thoughts? Sometimes it can be useful. Trying to understand teenagers’ confusion, their body strangeness, and their hunger for acceptance? The attempt was completely successful! A picture of the dilemmas that shape a mature personality every day? That’s all “Inside Out 2” has to offer. So don’t fight your thoughts for a long time and go to the movies. Your emotions will thank you.

You will read the entire review here.

In “Inside Out 2” we will once again be able to see what is going on in the mind of teenage Riley. The headquarters is undergoing a renovation to prepare the place for a whole new vibe! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who have been working so well together for so long, don’t know what to do with the arrival of Fear, and it seems that there will be more and more new guests…

performance sign “Recommend web movie!” is a distinction given by the Filmweb editorial team to films that deserve special attention from viewers. It includes not only artistic productions, but also commercial productions that fully meet the requirements of a particular genre or exceed them in a surprising way.

“Inside Out 2” movie trailer.

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