Fight Flyers: Discounts of the week are here…

Maxi is where we find the best discounts in the first week of the fight for flyers 2023.

The grocery store stands out because of these huge discounts on products at very low prices.

Many dishes are featured at $1, such as English cucumbers and Dare collation cookies from Quebec.

“It’s a type of product that you rarely see with a huge discount,” says the founder GluttonyJean-François Gagné-Bérubé talks about discounts on cookies.

IGA customers will get a nice surprise this week when they see the price of green kiwi (907g) and Quebec carrot (907g).

In maxi, red grapefruit, lemon and lime are not priced.

Picnic pork shoulder is at its lowest in the past three years.

Provigo and Super C offer ground beef for $3.99/pound.

Mushrooms (Maxi) $1

“Very good discount! We see him once every two months or so.

Colgate and Crest Toothpaste (Maxi) $1

“It’s the kind you can find at Dollarama and drugstores, and it’s often at that price point.”

Michelina’s Frozen Meal (Maxi) $1

“We’ve only seen this price four times in the last six months.”

5-pound bag of potatoes (IGA) $2.99

“That’s a good price, but we have a $0.99 three-pounder that’s available at Super C, but that’s still a big price for a big potato.”

Hygrade sausages (IGA) 2 for $5

“We’re buying, it’s the best price in four months.”

Eggo waffles (Super C) $2.99

“We can make a reservation.”

Vegetable Oil 3L (Super C) $9.99

“It’s a good price. We see this discount a few times a month, but always on house brands.”

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