Ferrari headed by Austin.  Matchmaking Carlos Sainz candidates

Sainz turned out to be the fastest driver in first F1 practice before the US Grand Prix. Spaniard Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton followed. The session was marked by an accident by Antonio Giovinazzi that led to a short break in the competition.

Łukasz Kuczera

Carlos Sainz

Press materials / Ferrari / Pictured: Carlos Sainz

During our first Formula 1 practice before the US Grand Prix, we saw as many as five drivers on the track who aren’t racing the motorsport queen on a daily basis. Many teams have chosen Austin as the place where the young drivers are called. Alex Ballou, Robert Schwartzman, Theo Burshire and Logan Sargent sat in the cockpit.

Quite unexpectedly, the problems were created by a driver with a lot of experience, because he spent three seasons in competition. This is Antonio Giovinazzi, who crashed Haas after a few minutes of driving.

The damage to the car of the American team turned out to be so severe that the Italian did not return to the track. In addition, the judges had to interrupt the hearing with a red flag for a while.

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Mercedes, on the other hand, brought a slew of corrections to Austin, so Lewis Hamilton completed the first laps of practice before the US Grand Prix with special aerodynamic equipment. When the seven-time world champion was able to run at a normal pace, he was 0.1 seconds closer to driving Max Verstappen.

However, information has come from the F1 circuit that the new flooring prepared by Mercedes does not comply with the regulations, so the team will not be able to use it in the later stages of the US Grand Prix, as well as in other races of the 2022 season.

Carlos Sainz unexpectedly matched Verstappen and Hamilton. The Ferrari driver took a time of 1:36.857 which eventually put him first in F1 training ahead of the US Grand Prix. Although the Red Bull Racing leader appeared on the track in the final stage of the course after a long break, the double world champion was unable to beat Sainz’s result. Verstappen turned out to be 0.224 seconds slower.

F1 – US GP – First practice – Results:

Element driver Team Wasting time
1. Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1: 36857
2. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing +0.224
3. Lewis Hamilton mercedes +0.475
4. Lance’s Outing Aston Martin +0.603.0000.00
5. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing +0.658
6. Fernando Alonso Alps +0.856
7. George Russell mercedes +0.945
8. Pierre Gasly Alpha Tour +0.953.0000
9. Lando Norris McLaren +0.999
10. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin +1.184
11. Esteban Ocon Alps +1.245
12. Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo +1.419
13. Alexander Albon Williams +1.565
14. Yuki Tsunoda Alpha Tour +2.041
15th. Mick Schumacher Hass +2.065
16. Robert Schwartzman Ferrari +2.094
17. Alex Ballou McLaren +3.054
18. Theo Burshire Alfa Romeo +3.318
19. Logan Sargent Williams +3.468
twenty. Antonio Giovinazzi Hass +6.206

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