March 28, 2023


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The Catalan media presented the position of FC Barcelona after the Public Prosecutor’s Office referred to court a case related to the Catalan club’s payment of Jose Maria Enriquez Negrera. And Barcelona confirms that the theses contained in the accusation are only hypotheses at the present time, and confirm their innocence.

“This scenario was expected for FC Barcelona from the moment the referee filed a complaint with the court and the public prosecutor was forced to stop his investigation and bring the case to court. In addition, the opinion of the public prosecutor who defined the complaint is nothing more than a completely preliminary investigative hypothesis. Now the judicial investigation will begin Here, any hypothesis must be confirmed or rejected, and FC Barcelona will help investigate everything that is missing.FC Barcelona reiterates that it has never bought any referee or claimed to influence the referee’s decisions. Mundo Deportivo And sportsBut not through the official media channels bluegranas.

Therefore, Barcelona repeats the position of Joan Laporta, who confirmed in a recent interview that the club did not buy referees and had no intention of doing so. At the same time, Barcelona points out that the very consistent content of the letter sent by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the court is only a preliminary investigation hypothesis that has not yet been proven in the court trial. Blograna It also offered the assistance of the judiciary, and it should be noted that it had previously assigned an external company to investigate the matter.