FBI: More than 80 files on Trump's property were empty

According to the latest information from the FBI, it appears that the property of the former President of the United States Agents seized 33 boxes of files, What is Donald Trump? He took it with him when he left the White House. Some documents are marked as ‘Confidential’, ‘Confidential’ and ‘Top Secret’.

The list of files released by US District Judge Elaine Cannon indicated that 11,179 government photos and documents Issued August 8 by federal agents She didn’t have any hashtags (It does not have a level of confidentiality – editor’s note).

on the other side 54 documents Which was exported to the Mar-a-Lago property in Florida marked as “Secret”And the 31 as “secret”and another 18 As “Top Secret”According to a preliminary compilation published by The Post.

Customers were also supposed to confiscate 48 empty folders are marked as “Workbook” (It enjoys a certain level of confidentiality – editorial note), while others 41 empty folders Marked with a note To the Secretary of Staff / Military Adviser.

a report The FBI does not explain what the documents contain And why some folders it was emptyBut it was revealed that the file was Mixed with newspapers, magazines, clothes and other personal itemsWhich should not be included in the set of state documents.

The US Department of Justice is still investigating whether Donald Trump mishandled the documents, He moved them from the White House to his property Mar Ago After he left office in January 2021.

Every American president does Commit to return all files and emails In the National Archives upon the expiration of his term.

On August 8, the FBI conducted an unprecedented inspection The property of former US President Donald Trump. At that time, agents in his house found dozens of chests with secret documents The head of state should not be present. Investigation is underway.

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