Fantastic return to the Tour de Bologna after 16 years.  Lang explains: This is no accident

We already knew the deadline for next year’s race in advance. The Bologna Tour will start on July 29 and run until August 4. On Thursday, Cheslav Lang gave the first information, thanks to which we already know where the competition will start.

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We can officially confirm the return of the Tour de Pologne to Poznan. The last time cyclists raced here was in 2007, and Italian Danilo Napolitano won the sprint. Next year’s race will start with a stage around Poznan, starting next to the Pozna International Fair, and ending at the Pozna Circuit. As revealed by Ceslav Lang in an interview with, the starting point and dregs It is no accident.

Lang: This ending will be very popular with fans

– It is primarily a question of the jubilee race. The 95th birthday of the Tour de Bologna, 80th edition. We have seven stages, not 21 like the Tour de France and we can’t do a tour all over Poland. That is why getting around Poland is divided into phases. Two years in a row it was the eastern part of the country. Now we want to show the beautiful western part of Poland, hence the proposal to start in Greater Poland, and the first stage will start and end in Poznan. We also want to beat the Wielkopolska Tour. There are really beautiful places here that the Poles themselves do not know how amazing the views are here – the Tour de Pologne director emphasized.

– Automobilklub Wielkopolski is celebrating its centenary, which is why we have established a collaboration. In this way, we want to celebrate this anniversary and at the same time give something attractive to the fans, in a similar way as on the big tours, where the finishes are also on the car tracks – admitted Chiswain Lange, thus emphasizing why the first stage will end at Tor Pozna. The road is wide and the scenery is sure to be beautiful. There are platforms already and all the infrastructure is in place, so I think this ending is going to be very popular, and it’s definitely going to be a nice stage – he added.

The exact route for the first stage of the race is not yet known, but according to Chislau Lang, there will certainly be some important places in it. – We will travel about 200 km, and we are still in the process of making arrangements. We choose the most interesting places in Greater Poland. We do not want to make a false start and announce anything at the moment, but we choose the most historically interesting places in Greater Poland, referring to the uprisings, to history, because here the beginnings of Poland took place. In addition to sports sentiment, we want to get closer to the fans – as well as the viewers transition All over the world – the history of Poland, of which we have a beautiful history – emphasized the race director.

“This is certainly not the end of the surprises.”

But this is not the end of the surprises regarding next year’s race track. – It’s too early to talk about that. I’ve already driven nearly 90 percent. roads. Now you have to sit at the table and start negotiations with the hosts of the start and end cities and also the premium cities. We’ll build the road so that we’ll give a nice view of the entire race track – admitted Lang. So, we still have to wait for the details.

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The 80th round of the Tour of Bologna is not only the jubilee of the race itself, but also Cheslav Lang, who will celebrate his 30th anniversary next year as director of the Bologna Grand Prix. The first race in this role took place in 1993. As he remembers, it was a very different race than the races that fans are used to at the moment.

– I remember my first race as a director. It was quite a challenge because it was an amateur race then in the Open class. Then I invited five professional groups. I remember the confrontation and comparing the professional groups with our teams. The race started in Warsaw. The professional groups came up with cars with identical markings, with all the equipment, with organization at the professional level. And there were our cyclists, with Nyssa, each on a different bike, in a different shirt. It was almost like a club. Lang recalls that the confrontation between professionals and amateurs was unusual.

– But it was the only way for us Cycling raise its level. You had to show everyone professional cycling, knowing that one day the calendar would meet, without dividing into professional and amateur. And that was my idea to raise the level of cycling in Poland and teams in Poland through this race – he added.

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However, Lang adds, he can see that his work has paid off. – We had the CCC team on a world tour. I keep repeating the old saying “If you have a theater, you will have actors in the end”. If the race is alive in the media, is talked about and offered willingly, then there will be people willing to invest in a professional group, in youth clubs. And so it develops step by step polishing Cycling. You can see that it is very popular in Poland. This year’s race saw nearly four million people along the way, be it at the start and finish line or on the rewards – concluded the Tour de Pologne Director.

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