Fans were shocked to see Andrzej Wrona dressed as Jesus Christ: "One God!"  (Photo)

It seems that Zofia Zborowska Finally, she infected her husband with the “acting bug”. Member of the Polish representation in volleyball Andre and Rona She first appeared on the big screen. Although he was given a great role, it was very important. The player plays a role in the movie Babys in shape Jesus Christ. He even boasted of his blood stigma on Instagram.

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Fans of the volleyball player were surprised to see their idol in a somewhat unexpected cover.

No one will believe me that I saw Jesus; Just God, I think it was a new Insta filter for Halloween; Crow Jesus, they haven’t played it yet – We read in the comments section under Wrona’s report from the set of Andrzej Saramonowicz’s new movie.

in the first show Crowe He talked about his acting debut in an interview with Pudelka’s reporter, Michał Dziedzic. The volleyball player admitted that he was chosen “on terms”, and not because of his as yet undiscovered talent.

It is not yet known if they did not cut me. Just because I was on set doesn’t mean I’ll be in the movie yet. I wouldn’t call it a great role, but a big one They needed a tall man – not to mention an actor – because of the size of the outfitwhich cannot be altered in any way by seamstress. I’m so glad the manager thought of me.

And Runa added that it has been nurtured by the best professionals in the industry. It is said that Jesus in his version was the work of the same makeup artists who created Mel Gibson’s passion.

Aside from playing Jesus, there are very few similarities to “The Passion” The entire makeup team is the same as the one who was in ‘Passion’. I was very impressed with what they could do with my face and hands, because I had the scars.

The athlete himself does not consider himself a believer, let alone an exerciser. As he admits, he believes, above all, in good and the environment.

I don’t go to church. I think we should all be good people. Take care of each other, take care of our planet. I believe in such things more. This faith gives me strength.

He flew convincingly in his first turn?

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I’m not a believer in some way, but even to me that’s an exaggeration

I love you Jesus and I trust you


2 hours. Ago

People will return to God and the dark times will end, we will go alone to eliminate the darkness

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How to offend Catholics is willing! And we were like…..boycott such a movie! Let’s not go to such productions! Let’s not give money to people who make fun of the values ​​that matter to us!

Kuzua doesn’t have actors anymore. Just this unknown what?

Not funny, but it is known that it is not his idea but the director. Too missed. Ziobro wants to punish such mockery of faith, so be careful with the director.

I feel sorry for people who don’t believe in God. They don’t know what they have lost.

How are you during the holidays? Nativity play, pastoral, nativity scenes. Everywhere people dress as Jesus:/

What is the agent, what is the agent? Average volleyball player. After all, this is sacrilege, the producers have made an effort. Xenogas. Just look for a moment. I say no!

How little does it take for Catholics to boil … It is a pity that you do not react in this way to pedophilia in casks, to priests who have children and live in relationships with women …

But the wedding had to be in the church 🤦🏼‍♀️

Weak… such pathetic skirmishes in the fight for notice and fame but as if “I don’t care”…

what about that? Did he change the profession or did Hagrid get it?

I’m curious as to what this “cool and very creative” party of guys will be leaving in a couple of years at IO. Because everyone remembers their embarrassment / removal of masks at the unforgettable IO 2012… and when the tunnel opened in Switzerland. A lot of “ideas and creativity” for foreigners and gentlemen …

Zborowska and the Raven Freemasons

Could it be less?

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