Family physicians urge patients to limit visits to primary health care clinics and to use speech therapy instead. With the fourth wave of the Corona virus accelerating, it is unacceptable to sit in crowded waiting rooms.

Physicians of the Healthcare Employers’ Alliance are urging patients to limit direct visits to primary care clinics. They ask for teleportation, and when a face-to-face visit is necessary – you have to be on time and on time.

– A direct visit to the POZ clinic is allowed only in medically justified cases and also after prior telephone arrangement with the doctor: fixing a specific appointment and time – the authors of the appeal confirmed.

We are appalled to note a significant increase in new infections, and deaths due to COVID-19, and at the same time not the entirely responsible behavior of our patients. With the acceleration of the fourth wave of the Corona virus, it is unacceptable to sit in crowded waiting rooms, which, due to the number of patients, have become a habitat for microbes. We are convinced that in such cases patients infect each other – confirmed the President of the Alliance of Employers in Healthcare, Bo┼╝ena Janicka.

The authors of the ad also called for immunization and a third booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. They stated that patients should still use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) and comply with hygiene recommendations (hand disinfection).