Fallout has a main character.  Walton Goggins will star in the series

Amazon has unveiled the first card related to the upcoming series that expands the world of Bethesda. Walton Goggins will appear in “Fallout,” but that’s just the beginning of the cast.

In July 2020, Amazon confirmed its collaboration with Bethesda, under which the series “Fallout” will be created. Last year the creators surprised us by announcing the production atmosphere, and while we haven’t received many details yet, we can be sure the work is in progress.

Content creators are all about gathering the right team for production and Walton Goggins was given the lead role on the show. The actor starred in, among others, “Vice Directors”, “The Hateful Eight”, “Sons of Anarchy” and “Django”.

Variety editors have stated that Amazon hasn’t confirmed exactly who will play Walton Goggins, but according to the leaks – The actor is about to become an ogre.

If the news is confirmed, it could open a lot of room for screenwriters, since ogres in the Fallout universe are people who are disfigured by radiation, but also partially immune to radiation and nuclear fallout.

Work on the Fallout range is expected to begin later this year, so Amazon should provide a number of production-related details in the near future.

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