Fake parsley is back on the market.  You have to pay for it as you would for meat

Maciej Kimira, an expert on the wholesale market in Bronice near Warsaw, notes that the prices of young vegetables and fruits are falling, while older products are becoming more expensive. Parsley is a particularly prominent example.

As noted by “Fakt”, wholesale parsley prices currently stand at PLN 11 per kilogram, while In retail stores and markets up to PLN 21.99 per kilogram. This puts parsley on par with the price of ham in discount stores.

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However, customers should be careful, because Dishonest sellers try to take advantage of these high prices by selling parsnips instead of parsley. To know the difference between these two types of vegetables, consumers should pay attention to where the leaves grow from. Parsnips have a dark-skinned cavity, while parsley is convex. You can also feel the difference by smell—parsnips have a sweet, nutty aroma more reminiscent of carrots than parsley.

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