Factories haven't slowed down yet.  But some shortened the work week.  'We feel the crisis'

More and more factories fear that they will have to cut production. Representatives of many industries say with one voice that they are losing customers and orders. Mass layoffs haven’t started yet, but that doesn’t mean employers haven’t started to adapt to it the new Situation.

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Suppository: On sunny and windy days, we see energy prices drop by several hundred zlotys

They produce pallets, lose customers due to the increase in the price of raw materials

Business owners opinions were collected by the WP portal. – We feel the crisis – says Piotr Suwaj of Drewpol, a manufacturer of pallets, in an interview with the service. He admits that the company’s turnover has fallen by 30 percent. – billet prices are unstable, moreover, as a result of ignoring the demands of the timber industry, the monopolist, that is, the state forests, introduces an increase in the prices Wood raw materials by 40 percent, which should translate into an increase in packaging prices – he says.

Another businessman who does not want to be identified is afraid of even greater consequences. – I just lost a big client. It is a large manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Poland. It’s a big blow to me. He admits that their production is limited, and may stop altogether.

Four working days a week in a large Polish company. Low number of orders

The crisis is also affecting the development industry, due to the significant decrease in availability credits No longer need to casing doors or windows. It was felt by him, among other things, the Fakro Factory, one of the most famous producers. She had to enter a four-day work week.

– The economic situation in the construction industry is cyclical, and we are currently experiencing a clear slowdown – explains Janusz Komorkevich, member of the Fakro Board of Directors.

Sassen brought coal to Otwock. An excuse to attack local governments

Glass works produce candles on the edge. According to gas prices

Many entrepreneurs try to stay afloat and struggle to survive. And to get jobs. This is the case of Huta Szkła Gloss from Wielkopolska. – The appeals that we sent in the media and in writing to the ministries did not achieve any effect. We did not receive any help from the government – admits Łukasz Busz, head of the company, in an interview with Gazeta.pl.

The company faced problems due to the significant increase in gas prices by PGNiG. – Currently, we are producing with a financial loss, as the main factor that disturbs the financial liquidity is the price of gas fuel – the company’s president acknowledges.

Mateusz Morawiecki and Jacek Sassen, 52nd session of the House of Representatives of the 9th termRadio ZET: Morawiecki’s disagreement with Sasin. The coal ordered by RARS has not arrived

You could lose 100,000 job. People

Director general polishing Developers Association Konrad Bochocki does not hide the fact that the situation has become tragic. For August, bad, if not worse, data is expected. So this second half of the year is going to be really bad – I admit. He added that “all forecasts show that 2023 is unlikely to bring a significant recovery” – says TOK FM.

– If this trend continues, we will lose at least a small percentage of employees in the next year. This means more than 100 thousand. Jobs lost – said in an interview with Thomas Sita.

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