Facebook sheets.  The subject of Poland appears in the disclosed documents

  • Since September 13, the “Wall Street Journal” has published a series of articles based on internal Facebook documents, the so-called Facebook papers
  • Francis Hogan, among other things, points to the company’s negligence in combating the publication of prohibited content that may have a negative impact on users.
  • Speaking to the British Parliament’s Special Committee on Monday, the former Facebook chief said the company will fuel more unrest around the world as its algorithms are designed to promote controversial content.
  • More such stories can be found on the homepage of Onet.pl

The British Parliamentary Committee is working – according to the Associated Press – to prepare regulations that will regulate the activities of companies that include social media. If it goes into effect next year, Silicon Valley giants – like Facebook – will be fined up to 10 percent for violating them. their global revenues.

Francis Hogan has testified that Facebook’s algorithms are radicalizing its users.

“This way someone with center-left views will be pushed to the far left and someone from the center-right to the far right,” she said.

She pointed out that Facebook has “indisputably” exacerbated the problem of spreading hate and spreading a “startup culture” that allows “shortcuts”.

“These regulations could be good for Facebook’s long-term success,” Haugen added.

In September, The Wall Street Journal published a series of articles about Facebook’s malicious algorithms. Detective Hugin, who in the company dealt with other matters, was the fight against disinformation. The posts caused quite a stir and sparked a new discussion about the social impacts of Facebook and Instagram.

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In early October, she testified before the US Senate that the company, along with its president, Mark Zuckerberg, was aware that its algorithms were promoting hateful content and misinformation, which, among other things, contributed to racial crimes in Burma or Ethiopia. . She added that Instagram harms teens by driving them into addiction and low self-esteem, and promotes harmful eating habits and loss of appetite.

Zuckerberg responded to her allegations, saying that “the controversy over intentionally stuffing people’s spam content for profit is completely illogical.”

Facebook a Polska أوراق Sheets

The documents that have been submitted to the US Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission are thousands of pages of material. The notes show the internal communication of Facebook employees, including those assigned to solve problems on its platforms.

The evidence presented is internal employee discussions about the social impact of the Facebook platform. The data contains only a fraction of the conversations of the global giant’s employees, which also include the topic of Poland.

As NBC points out, changes made in 2018 to Facebook were aimed at bringing friends and family members together — often as a result, this had the opposite effect. Posts that were angry or misleading spread more easily, which in turn led to a “social and civil war” in Poland.

Source: PAP, NBC

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