Facebook, Messenger, Instagram crashes - is this happening again?

After the great failure of Facebook and its websites, the situation is repeating itself again. Although this is not a complete breakdown of all FB services, many users have problems running the services.

On-site reports downdetector.plAnd in the global version downdetector.com Related to three Mark Zuckerberg websites: Facebook, Messenger and InstagramAnd apparently, too The WhatsApp. The problems started around 8:30 pm and culminated – according to the number of requests made – around 9:00 pm. Although starting services and applications, They work slowlySome users report long delays when sending messages or uploading content. On Messenger, messages are sent in extreme cases a few minutesAnd in the app, the visibility of contacts changes from time to time from green to blank. There are problems with entering content on Instagram and Facebook.

research: Facebook has suffered the worst failure in history. What was the reason?

Interestingly, after Monday’s massive failure of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire, such temporary cuts as now, I also signed the day before yesterday. In the end, it spread to the bone, and Facebook services were launched, but as you can see, everything still works fine.

Previously, she was responsible Wrong configuration of serversIt is hard to imagine that the American giant would not deal with it. So the reason must be different.

research: Telegram is the biggest winner in the Facebook crash
research: Facebook failed through the eyes of local communications. The data is amazing

Image source: Pixabay, downdetector.pl

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