​Szef Facebooka osobiście wydał zgodę na polityczne cenzurowanie Facebooka na wniosek władz w Wietnamie - donosi w poniedziałek "Washington Post". Inne media informują m.in. o tym, że serwis nie radzi sobie z zalewem podżegania do ludobójstwa w Etiopii czy usuwaniem wpisów handlarzy ludźmi.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that the head of Facebook personally approved the political censorship of Facebook at the request of authorities in Vietnam. Other media reports, inter alia, that the site cannot deal with the flood of genocidal incitement in Ethiopia or remove input from human traffickers.

According to the Washington Post, citing three sources inside the company, Zuckerberg made the censorship decision last year when the ruling Vietnamese Communist Party gave the company an ultimatum: either agree to remove dissident entries or lose access to the Vietnamese market, bringing in more than $1 billion in revenue.

As a result of the decision, “Before the party convention in January, Facebook significantly increased censorship of anti-state posts, Giving the government almost complete control of the platform.” – He writes the magazine.

The story in the Washington Post is one of many that US media outlets reported on Monday based on tens of thousands of documents provided by Facebook whistleblower Francis Hogan.

As CNN reports, while Facebook has succeeded in censoring opposition voices in Vietnam, In Ethiopia, it was unable to delete entries for incitement to ethnic crimes during the civil war. Despite disturbing internal reports, including when militias used Facebook to organize, raise funds and incite murder, the portal has not been able to effectively censor this content, for example because it did not allocate sufficient funds to it.

The initial version of Facebook, which is valid “wild” in most of the world, doesn’t have any of the things that make it “digestible” in the US, and I really think a lot of people’s lives depend on it Haugen told the media.

However, the problems of censoring dangerous content also apply to the United States itself. As reported by CNN and the Wall Street Journal, The network is routinely used by gangs of people smugglers, and publicly advertises women being sold as domestic servants.. Despite the portal’s efforts to remove such ads, many of them go unnoticed by Facebook.

The documents state that Gateway has known about this issue since at least 2018, and it was so large that in 2019 Apple threatened Gateway to be removed from its App Store. Although this crisis was resolved, the problem persisted. CNN journalists last week found ads from groups offering women for sale. The pages were only removed after notifying CNN.

What he disclosed on Monday is the next in a series of posts based on the company’s internal documents, known as “Facebook Papers,” that have been distributed to 17 US media outlets. On Friday, the media described, among other things, the role the portal played in orchestrating the January 6 attack on the Capitol, as well as in spreading conspiracy theories and accounts of electoral fraud.

Million fine. Facebook Pays for ‘Employment Discrimination’

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