F.C.B.  Lewandowski humiliated Benzema.  The journalist changed his opinion about the captain of the Polish national team

The portal “El Futbolero Espana” published another radical opinion about Robert Lewandowski. According to him, he insulted the Polish Karim Benzema.

Lewandowski scored, on Saturday evening, his fifth goal in the Spanish League season. Barcelona won with Sevilla 3-0. We wrote more about this meeting over here.

The rest of the text is below the video

Thomas Vale from “El Futbolero Espana” achieved very amazing tunes. Lewandowski was used to hit Real Madrid.

– Cheap is expensive. Lewandowski’s lesson for Real Madrid and Benzema Vale was surprised at the title of his article.

Lewandowski scored a goal for Sevilla and humiliated Benzema. With his goals, he taught the Polish Real a lesson in terms of transfers, he continued.

The Barcelona striker is showing that he is better than Benzema. The French player rose to prominence last season only because of the bad period of Bayern Munich – Values.

The Spanish journalist took a drastic turn. After Lewandowski made his La Liga debut, he wrote this “Don’t even tie Benzmy’s shoelaces.”. Even then, he had already decided that the 50 million euros that had cost the pole ended up in the trash.

Lewandowski is better than Benzema so far – he’s scored five goals in matches so far, with three goals scored by the French. Ace is already claiming that the fate of the King of Archers is doomed. You will read about it over here.

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