Exploration of Jupiter with a powerful observatory.  It's time for other planets

ESPRESSO is an instrument on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. The device is mainly used to study exoplanets, that is, worlds outside the solar system. However, astronomers decided to use it to better understand one of the gas giants in our planetary system. We are talking about Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is about 11 times larger than Earth. You can imagine what is happening in its atmosphere and how massive these phenomena are. Astronomers decided to use the ESPRESSO instrument in the VLT to achieve this Study of gas giant winds.

Using ESPRESSO, scientists were able to make precise measurements of winds in Jupiter's atmosphere. Research has shown this It blows at speeds ranging from 60 to 428 km/s. The results obtained were compared with other data collected previously. Mainly used observatories located in space.

The results obtained will allow a better understanding of Jupiter's atmosphere and the processes taking place in it. Scientists also believe that espresso could be used to explore other planets.

The solar system contains four gas giants. Apart from Jupiter, these are Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Scientists believe that the ESPRESSO tool will be possible It can also be successfully used to study the atmospheres of the remaining planets mentioned aboveWhich will also allow us to better understand the phenomena that occur there. The first to leave is Saturn, famous for its rings.

ESPRESSO is a specialized spectrograph that was installed on the Very Large Telescope a few years ago. The first tests of the instrument were carried out in 2016. A year later, installation was carried out on the VLT.

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