Experts comment on Barcelona’s loss in the European League.  Football “Chaffee’s First Hole”

F.C.B She has to swallow a pill again this season. The team led by Xavi Hernandez lost 2-3 to Eintracht Frankfurt and only had to compete for a place in Champions League through the Spanish League. Barcelona scored two late goals with Sergio Busquets and Memphis Depay, but no longer had time to lead into extra time.

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“The first dimple.” Experts comment on Barcelona’s loss in the European League

“The agony of Forth is not a goal, 1-2 with Freiburg and Barcelona destroyed at Camp Nou. The ball is wonderfully inconsequential,” wrote Thomas Urban, journalist at Viaplay.

“I burn in the Barcelona goal, an explosion of joy at the Camp Nou .. strange scenes. He took over the stadium” – notes Peter Majcherczak, journalist at

“Such joy in drawing Barcelona, ​​such a celebration from the fans for this match and a professional course by Mr. Oliver Glasner’s coach. A great thing for Eintracht,” says Marcin Borzuki of Viaplay.

“First recovery pool. Oliver Glasner gave a lecture on how to completely neutralize Barcelona. Along the way. Levante Throw in some hints. The coming weeks will show who has noticed in these three pesky matches, says Tomasz Schwicka, a journalist from Canal + Sport.

“My inner Puri Rivaldo has awakened at the Camp Nou. What a Goal– So commented Peter Selazny, Eintracht Frankfurt striker.

“If Araujo scored 2:3 in the 94th minute, Barcelona would probably have pushed it away. She had five more minutes, and she already went into Eintracht’s defense like butter. Unexpectedly amazing feelings at the end. Great match, football like Entertainment should look like this.” – This is the opinion of Przemyslav Michalak, journalist at

“When you compare how Szymon Marciniak controls the LM match, and when Soares Dias referees, there is really a huge difference in favor of Szymon. This Portuguese is just pretending to control everything” – says Jakub Seweryn, journalist at Sport .pl.

“Shame. Shame and zero mentality” – this is the game F.C.B Julia Shesha from

“Applause for Eintracht, they were simply better in this two-legged match. However, if someone thinks that one match will cancel out the way this team has played in recent months, I apologize, but he is simply an idiot” – 9CampNou’s Michal Jajdek says.

“It was clear to everyone that Eintracht would lead Barcelona to the Camp Nou, but I did not expect that, so the more pleasant the surprise” – wrote Michau Trilla, journalist at

“I can see that Xavi’s great project in Barcelona requires a little bit of polishing. Maybe he’ll be better at the Intertoto Cup,” believes Piotr Wojcic, journalist from Brzeglide Sportoy.

“Only Barcelona in the last 20-25 minutes began to dominate as expected, but can it be considered positive, when the previous 70 minutes were so bad? 180 minutes was better, and Xavi had a lot of conclusions” – sums up Jacob Crucido of Canal + Sport.

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