May 29, 2023


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Experience the short working time. Employees do not want to go back to the old system

For half a year, a thousand employees of the tax department of the consulting company Delloite have tested various types of short-time work. It relates to, among others o ± 2 additional non-transferable days each month, a 36-hour work week, or alternate Fridays.

Reduce working time. Here are the effects

The success of the entire initiative depends mainly on team commitment as well as mutual assistance and cooperation. Our ongoing research shows that almost all employees support this project, even though they believe a shorter or free Friday isn’t good for everyone. inWe think shortening the week would be a good decision – Łukasz Madej, Managing Partner of Deloitte’s Tax Advisory Division in Poland, told

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I can’t imagine working other than flexible hours. I’m not someone who likes to come to work at eight. It was a nightmare, I felt like I was working at the post office – an employee told the service.

The site informs that Deloitte does not record changes in its financial results after half a year of the trial.

This is how employees use their extra free time

When short-time workers in the UK were asked how they used their overtime – the vast majority said it He dedicates it to better “management of life”: more relaxed shopping and housework, and leisure activities for which there was no time before.

For some parents, having an extra day off in the middle of the week means savings on childcare expenses. All employees, without exception, reported doing more of the activities they enjoy: from sports, through cooking, and creating music, to volunteering. Researchers report that some develop old interests, others find entirely new ones, and still others use this time to improve their professional qualifications.

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