Exciting price-quality ratio.  Philips Performance PUS8807 120Hz HDMI 2.1 TV Test!  An inexpensive treat for gamers and sports enthusiasts!

It is not without reason that the Philips “Performance” range of televisions has been very popular in our country for several years. Dutch producer TVs have a very good price along with the picture quality they offer and many new solutions that satisfy almost everyone. user. We are talking here about a budget of about 3000 PLN, so these TVs reach a very wide audience. For many years, this series has been equipped with the very popular Ambilight technology, which is a kind of hallmark of Philips TVs and the Android TV operating system (including Android TV 11 version!). It allows easy and fun to use all the apps and streaming services available in the market. Will the previously mentioned features and numerous improvements, including the introduction of 120Hz refresh and HDMI 2.1 in the Philips PUS8807, affect the success of the Performance Series? Let’s find out a few weeks before the in-store premiere!

reader. As the only company in the country, we personally check monitors, TVs and projectors for the described parameters using specialized measuring equipment worth more than 100,000 PLN:

  • Jeti Spectraval 1511HiRes . Spectrophotometer
  • Klein Colorimeter – K10A and Klein – K80
  • Murideo Fresco Six-G (Dolby Vision)
  • Murideo The SEVEN Generator HDMI 2.1 4K / 120fps (Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio)
  • Proprietary measurement of Input Lag in 4K HDR (we are the only company in Poland that performs such measurements in 4K HDR)
  • Best HDMI Cables on the Market: MagicLink

So you can be sure that you are reading about a product or promotion that isn’t described from a flyer or from another website on the web without actually checking it out. If you intend to use our text, please contact the editorial office. All rights of information and images from HDTVPolska Tests are reserved!

The main features of the Philips Performance PUS8807 presented by the manufacturer:

  • A very wide range of sizes are available – screens 43, 50, 58, 65, 70, 75, 86;
  • Unique to Philips, the 3-way color backlight system Ambilight3 giving an incredible immersion while watching;
  • very effective 6th Generation P5 Image Processing Processor;
  • For the first time in the performance series – a 120Hz matrix ideal for sports and games
  • service HDMI 2.1 4K120Hz With 48Gb/s bandwidth with the function e-ARC and the situation VR Expand job possibilities Automatic low latency Available on last year’s models;
  • support for AMD FreeSync Premium with the new Gamers screen panel
  • service HLG, HDR10 + adaptive And the Dolby Vision
  • powerful sound system 20 watts;
  • Role DTS Play-Fi allows you to connect wireless speakers in any room;
  • Integration with Calman app for easier image calibration (Professional photo calibration)
  • Android TV 11 with Google Assistant and cooperate with Alexa;
  • remote control with microphone With one-button voice control;
  • Slim housing with brushed aluminum frame;
  • 43″, 50″, 58″ and 65″ monitor model with silver slim stand;
  • Sizes 70, 75 and 86 are equipped with light silver trapezoidal legs;
  • good price

Magic Linux_2_1

Unique Ambilight Lighting System – Three Sides

The Ambilight system has been the hallmark of Philips TVs for many years and a very large number of users choose monitors of this brand precisely because of this technology. Ambilight3 is an improved version of the original backlight that was only two-sided. Now we have 3 zones of LED backlight, which are located on the left, top and right edges behind the TV and can display many visual effects, including expanding what we see on the screen, uniform color or responding to the audio track.

The LEDs used in the latest Ambilight TVs are sharper, brighter and can display more saturated colors due to the removal of the plastic tape that covered the LEDs in previous versions.

Philips PUS7504 Surround Sound Test

Philips is the only manufacturer in the market that offers such a solution in its TVs.

Test the performance of the Philips PUS8506 PUS8536 that surrounds the light

In the TV options there is a clip with which we can configure Ambilight in different ways, so everyone will find something for themselves:

Philips OLED 806 OLED 856 Ambilight 2 test settings menu

Most importantly, we have access to the backlight option directly from the remote thanks to the dedicated “Ambilight” button. We can configure parameters such as the intensity and color of the backlight or choose one of the available dynamic effects, which can, for example, follow on-screen actions, interact with the soundtrack, or display a country flag (something for fans of cheer ):

Philips PUS7504 Surround Sound Test

A very beautiful solution is the ability to adjust the color of the wall behind the TV, on the basis of which the system will select color parameters to obtain the most pleasing effect:

Philips OLED 806 OLED 856 Ambilight test in Settings قائمة

Due to the multitude of system settings options, we can also use a solid white color, which improves viewing comfort and simulates studio conditions without distracting from the watched movie:

Ambilight: The perfect solid white mode for watching movies at night

For dessert, a treat for lovers of smart lighting – the system Ambilight On our TV it can be paired with the system Hugh Phillips! This enables a broader configuration and enhances our visual experience:

Philips OLED 806 OLED 856 Ambilight Dye Test

Philips OLED934 Bowers Wilkins . testPhilips OLED934 Bowers Wilkins . test

In the next paragraph we will describe the appearance of the TV, the remote control and the available ports.



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