Ewa Swoboda out of the squad?  “There is drama”

Door / Adam Warzawa / Pictured: Ewa Swoboda

Tomasz Skrzebczynski

– My nervous system is disturbed. Physically, there is also drama, my legs are dying – said Ewa Swoboda after the qualifying rounds of the 4 x 100 m relay at the European Championships in Rome. The Polish star admitted that he may not appear in the final.

From Rome Tomasz Skrzybzyński, WP SportoweFakty

With the end of the last qualifiers, the Polish team qualified in the women’s 4×100 meters relay race to the final of the European Championship in Rome. Kryscina Cimonauska, Monika Romaszko, Magdalena Stefanowicz and Ewa Swoboda finished only fifth in the qualifying race with a score of 43.15 seconds.

Fans may have been surprised by the weaker performance by Iwa Swoboda, who usually “eats up” her opponents during the final shift. However, the European 100m individual vice champion admitted after her race that she was physically exhausted.

– I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I don’t know who invented the medallion decoration at 23:20, as we still have 30 minutes to get to the hotel. I went to bed very late, and my nervous system was messed up. “I wanted to put everything into this race, but Ewa wasn’t the Bahamian you often see on the last shift,” she said.

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The Polish star admitted that her appearance in the final was uncertain.

– Chances are 50/50 my head is in perfect condition, but physically it’s a disaster. The tendon hurts, my back hurts because it’s hard, and my legs are all dying. I’m not feeling well, so I’ll either give up because I’m not going to risk my health, or if I feel good in the morning, I’ll run with the girls. She explained that they would manage without me anyway.

Swoboda, like many other athletes, does not have the best opinion about organizing the event and expressed hope that she will no longer have to come to Italy for a major event.

– I hope this will be the last championship event in Italy and nothing will happen here again. She concluded her speech by saying: “Thank you very much.”

Women’s 4×100 meter relay final on Wednesday at 22:38.

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