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Ewa Chudakovska has been lifting Poles off the couch for 11 years. However, she was charged with studying at a two-year school in Greece, instead of completing a five-year study at the Academy of Physical Education in Poland. However, this did not discourage her, but rather strengthened her star status.

The epidemic has changed

The coach worked more and more, but when the epidemic hit, she said, “Stop.” She decided to slow down and focus on herself, too.

Hence, in his show, he began to promote meditation, reading books, rest, and not only sports, but also intellectual development. As it turns out, I’ve now decided to take it one step further.

At the age of forty, Chodakowska will begin psychological studies. In her opinion, this is part of the task she has to do. She described this very important step as a “turning point in her life”. The direction she chose was clinical psychology.

Today I can say officially. This is a defining moment in my life! I have emphasized many times that with my driving force it is not about popularity, career or money – the above things are only a side effect of my passion.. my mission… and this is one! To best serve you and your needs, and improve the quality of your life at every level. To better understand your needs.. to prepare better solutions… Materials and tools… It was decided to take a big step forward! Kebili, Studies at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Majoring in Clinical Psychology. I do not hide that I count on your support, because in front of me is the most work .. the most exciting !!! Dream years – she wrote on her Instagram.

The fans were happy. There has been a flood of comments under this post.

Congratulations accommodation. I am constantly delighted and impressed. I recently fulfilled one of my dreams myself, which is to complete my postgraduate studies at the same university. Unspeakable joy – wrote one of the “chodagang” members.

Great Iuka. You keep leveling up all the time. great trend. I’m happy with you. Realize dreams. I wish you good luck with all my heart. How long have you been studying? second echoed.

Three years now – her most famous Polish coach hit back.

It must be admitted that this is a bold step. Will you keep your fingers crossed for Iowa?

Karolina Sopusica, journalist at o2.pl

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