Evicting tenants from the "cheap electricity" system.  Together with apartments, offices and shops are rented

A tenant without an electricity supply contract will not benefit from “cheap electricity”. Because the principle of “cheap electricity to the meter” applies. Varies with carbon and additives for protection. There, it was the tenant, not the landlord, who received the allowance. The actual place of residence was decisive.

How did the legislator justify the principle of “cheap electricity to the meter owner”? The electricity provider is tasked with selecting the authorized persons from its customer base on the basis of their declarations. This assumes that the recipient of “cheap electricity” has a contract with, for example, Tauron, PGE and ENEA. These companies only accept data from their customers.

Energy companies will not be able to implement “cheap electricity” in this model:


owner apartments rentals apartment disabled person. The counter is on the owner apartments. The landlord informs Torun that a disabled person lives in his apartment on a lease basis. It applies for a 2600 kWh limit on the meter. Torun has no evidence that a disabled person lives in the apartment. But he positively resolves the request of the owner of the apartment.

Two laws

Cheap Electricity 2022/2023 has been introduced under two laws:

1. Freezing Law the prices StreamLaw of October 7, 2022 on special solutions to protect electricity consumers in 2023 in connection with the situation on the electricity market

Freezing is for natural persons who do not carry on a commercial activity within the limits of: 2000 kWhAnd the 2600 kWhAnd the 3000 kWh Details at the end of the article.

2. Work on the electricity price cap – Law of October 27, 2022 on emergency measures to reduce electricity prices and support some consumers in 2023

Both use it:

  • Companies like i
  • natural persons who are not entrepreneurs,

– Within the maximum price of PLN 785 / MWh or PLN 693 / MWh, these are the net prices without Value added tax Excise – details at the end of the article.

“Cheap electricity” is not for renters

The following are not subject to the “cheap electricity” system:

  • apartments
  • Offices in office buildings and
  • shops in shopping centers,

Unless the tenant has a contract with the electricity supplier.

The problem of no counter can be solved. You have to rewrite the meter for the tenant, but there is very little time for this. Hiring companies must submit the Declaration of Approved Recipient by the end of November 2022.

However, failure to comply with this deadline does not result in the loss of the right to “cheap electricity”.

if Business The meter contract will be settled by the end of December 2022, from January 1, 2023 it will benefit from a maximum electricity price of PLN 785 / MWh.

Freezing electricity prices for tenants in 2023

In this part of the article, I present the problems of people who are not running a business.

was caused by it Act of October 7, 2022


  1. Persons with disabilities and
  2. Large families as large family cardholders.

In 2023, they are entitled to an upper limit of 2,000 kWh for “everyone”.

For example, a disabled tenant cannot take advantage of the 2,600 kWh limit, unless they have an agreement with Tauron, PGE, or another electricity provider.


Disabled rents an apartment in ul. coffee. The meter in the apartment belongs to the owner of the apartment who owns it Law Up to 2000 kWh of cheap electricity. PGE will automatically set a 2000kWh limit on the meter for this apartment. Because the tenant cannot make a statement. It doesn’t matter to him Law Up to 2,600 kWh of cheaper electricity.

To change the situation from the example, it is necessary to “rewrite the meter” for the tenant – it must be completed ranking between the tenant and the PGE. Preferably by the end of 2022.

Large families with a large family card have the same situation as people with disabilities. As long as they rent an apartment or house.

However, in their case, the limit is 3,000 kWh.

The maximum electricity price for companies

Also, renting companies cannot take advantage of cheap electricity. That was the problem here. Act of October 27, 2022


Entrepreneur hires Desk In an administrative building. The owner of the office building has a contract with PGE and bills it back to the entrepreneur costs energy. However, the owner of the office building is not a medium-sized businessman, but a “big”. Cheap electricity rate of 79 Groszy/kWh is the ‘average businessman’. The owner of the administrative building does not meet this criterion. The tenant is obligated, but does not have a contract with PGE.

Rules for freezing electricity prices in 2023 at the level starting from the beginning of 2022 (Law of October 7, 2022)

Show Just for families. The price of electricity is low Limited:

  1. 2000 kWh (each one – no need to provide a statement to the power company),
  2. 2600 kWh (People with Disabilities – Permit must be presented),
  3. 3000 kWh (Extensive Family Cardholders who have currently or in the past raised 3+ Children and farmers)

Results from Law of October 7, 2022 on special solutions to protect electricity consumers in 2023 in connection with the situation on the electricity market

in 2023 each family or one person has Law to the price of electricity as of 2022 for residential purposes but within the range of 2000 kWh (Based on the law of October 7, 2022). After the 2000 kWh limit has been exhausted, the price will be no more than PLN 0.69 per 1 kWh (Based on the law of October 27, 2022).

With a maximum of 2,000 kWh, you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this opportunity – there are no advertisements for energy companies. Claims are a limit of 2,600 kWh or 3,000 kWh

Electricity subsidized by the state is not only for households in the sense of meters in apartments and houses, but also for:

  • Utility rooms related to running houses, unless they are carried out there The economic activityAnd the
  • Places of group accommodation, unless it is implemented in them The economic activityAnd the
  • Rotation apartments and apartments for staff of diplomatic missions and foreign representation staff,
  • Summer houses, caravans and gazebos in allotment gardens where not carried out The economic activity and in cases of common analogy – management of allotment gardens,
  • lighting in residential buildings,
  • power supply for cranes in residential buildings,
  • Heating substations and waterworks operated by the Residential Homes Department,
  • Garages in which no commercial activity is carried out.

rules for Electricity Price Cap (Law of 27 October)

  • PLN 785 / MWh (PLN 0.79 / 1 kWh) for companies and institutions (from December 1, 2022 to the end of 2023) and
  • 693 zlotys / MWh (PLN 0.69 / 1 kWh) for households (after exhausting the limits of 2,000 kWh, 2,600 kWh and 3,000 kWh in 2023).

You have to add to the price limit 79 groszy and 69 groszy tax Value Added Tax and Excise and expenses distribution.

The companies provide a statement to the electricity companies stating that they have met the conditions for using “cheap electricity”. Preferably until November 30, 2022. Delay leads to later electricity at a rate of up to PLN 785 / MWh.

Normal persons do not make any statements.

More on the electricity price cap:

More on freezing electricity prices:

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