Everyone talks about it: Alexandre Barrett teases Guy Jodoin with a big surprise

At this Sunday Everyone is talking about it, Boy. A. Lepage gets Guy Jodoin and Bruno Blanchett to talk about the web series Melancholitis.

The former was settled, but the latter joined directly via Zoom from his residence in Thailand. Unfortunately, the connection failed and it disappeared from the screen.

A few seconds later, he reappeared, but in the studio. Guy Jodoin was so surprised and happy to see his friend appear by his side, so he forgot two regulatory meters. They hugged each other lovingly.

Co-host for this final evening, Alexandre Barrett began: “ The view on the TV may change, but they stick up to two meters the whole time.

It is two meters from Thailand », Hand a. LaPage launched.

Then, Guy Jodoi explains his gesture: ” That is what we humans call it. Sometimes we get so close when we have no rights because we are human. ⁇

No one knew about Bruno Blanchett’s sudden visit to Quebec, not even his own mother. ” Can wait a while because my mom had to run to pick up her pump because there was no air “, he said.

Look at the small mask of the group Everyone is talking about it At the bottom of the article.

10 10 minute episodes of La melancolite are now available on ICI TOU.TV.

Remember that last week, Patrick Hart caused a stir on the set Everyone is talking about it. More details here.

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